iPhone 5K from ATT in Seattle area

Discussion in 'iOS 12' started by StarShot, Apr 23, 2019.

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    Don't know what forum this should be in. I have an ATT iPhone XS. When outside the house my phone frequent deplays 5Ke in place of the usual symbol. However, on most of my apps I don't receive a data signal with an error message saying something about no signal. Stangely the Drudge Report seems to go whichever link I click on.

    Anyone else know how to receive 5K data from ATT.
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    San Francisco Area
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    Correct. AT&T is doing what T-Mobile and Sprint did for 4G. T-Mobile relabeled 3G as 4G, and Sprint relabeled WiMax as 4G.

    5Ge is kind of useful as an indicator, though, since it indicates that you are in a TAC with a majority of towers that have received upgrades (new radio heads, new radios, new spectrum deployed, and new backhaul deployed). So while the indicator doesn't by itself mean anything, it lets you see what areas AT&T has been doing a lot of work in.
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    Umm... You mean 5g?

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    KKKKK (5ke)is really fast i have it on metro.
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    Sorry, typo. And yes, in my area, my phone shows 5Ge, but doesn't connect to several apps/links that I use.

    Me Bad

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