5k Monitors compatible with 13" MBP Retina?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by orbitalpunk, Jun 5, 2015.

  1. orbitalpunk, Jun 5, 2015
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    Hi there,

    I was planning on purchasing a current MacBook Pro 13 inch with retina display and I was wondering if anyone can tell me if there're any external 5K monitors that are compatible with it. I thought about purchasing the Apple Cinema Display but it's not Retina so I was wondering if there're any other manufactures that maybe compatible.

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    Apr 7, 2015
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    Unfortunately, the only MacBook that can run a 5k display is the 2015 15-inch rMBP with the new AMD RadeonR9 M370X GPU.
    The newest 2015 13" MBP With OS X Yosemite v10.10.3, can support a 4K (3840x2160) display at 60Hz. But it cannot support a 4096x2160 4k resolution.


  3. Freyqq macrumors 601

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    The hardware should be able to do it via MST, but OSX doesn't let you do it apparently. Maybe they'll turn it on in the future.

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