5s 4G aerial weaker than Samsungs?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by JadedBen, Nov 18, 2013.

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    Basically my 5s has appeared to be fine with its 4G reception, I've apparently been getting 4G wherever I've been where its available...

    Until just a little while ago, my friend was showing me her new Galaxy S4 just outside my house, to which she was quick to point out she was getting 4G whereas I was only getting 3 dots of 3G? I've never seen 4G at my home, I have to walk at least a mile down the road before I get a vague 4 signal. At work we're located right next to a 4G aerial, so I get full signal and quite aware of the speed.

    So what could be the issue here? We're both on the same network (EE) same price contract and the phones were only a foot apart. Is there a chance my aerial could be faulty? Do the Samsungs just put 4G on the screen to make the user feel better?

    Thanks for any ideas :)
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    The number of Signal bars to show for a range of signal strength varies from phone to phone and manufacturer to manufacturer.

    As far as the iPhone falling down to 3G, its the logic in the phone's radio firmware , again dependent and differs between each manufacturer.

    Possible reasons to get better battery since if 4G signal is very week, the phone has to ramp up the power to the radio to keep the signal alive and if you use data on it, even more power is pushed to get it going ...

    Samsung vs Apple
    Android vs iOS

    Nobody can clearly give you an answer here :)

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