5S Camera taking x-ray type photos

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    Good day, I am on my third iPhone so not exactly a newbie. Only recently began trusting the camera to take vacation pics. My 5S is very new, and I have had no issues with it's performance. However, I was taking pictures without issue when all of the sudden for about 30 pictures, they came out looking overexposed and color x-ray almost had an Andy Warhol look. I have attached examples. I took probably a 100 pictures without issue. Took about 30+ in a row with this problem, then it just stopped and went back to normal. No setting changes, no filters…nothing. Unfortunately since I was taking them in a very bright daylight, I could not see them to see it was a problem until I got back to my car. Sadly these pictures were one of the highlights of the trip. I know I cannot salvage them but does anyone have any idea what happened? As I said, no filters, not setting changes. Just snapping different views. Unable to even recreate the problem. Thank you for any help or ideas. I have put examples during and after. After reviewing ignore the first picture, the next two. Also, just to note in case this has a bearing. It had a Duracell extended battery charger on it. I have used it about 5 months but….

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    Perhaps HDR got enabled and this was because of it and/or the burst mode that's new for the 5S?
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    Is this HDR? I thought HDR was three of the same picture? Thanks for the response. I did use the burst mode earlier in the day to capture a series of waves then went back and deleted the copies I did not want.

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