5s huge battery drain and over heating. Please help

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    Dec 5, 2011
    Hello everyone

    My used Apple iPhone 5s was working well for me for about 6 months and I decided to sell it as I switched to Android phone for personal reasons.

    I factory reset the the phone and sent to buyer only to be returned by him for the battery drain problem.

    10% battery charge is being reduced per hour even in Airplane mode.

    1.5h used with 1hr talking and 3hr standby if used out of airplane mode.

    Moderate to high heat is being observed in left side of logo.

    Configured as new phone.

    Apple iCloud and siri are not enabled.

    Apple remote troubleshooting has confirmed that the battery do not have any problems.

    We have tried replacing a new non original battery as well.

    No water damage being indicated by the external sensors.

    My Apple iphone is bought in abroad and even warranty might have been expired.

    We can do any hardware modding as well to fix the issue.

    Please do not suggest me any power conservation tips as I was using iphone heavily for the past 6 months with any compromise.

    Please help me.
  2. Ethos Evoss, Jun 9, 2015
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    Ethos Evoss

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    How was phone b4 u sold it? did it drain so quickly even when you had it?
    When I receive iphone which i purchase I always check the condition of the bttery by cydia app called Battery Life Mine currently is half way through its life so am replacing bcos it stays just 3/4 of day ..
    Then best thing is to completely erase the whole phone as well.

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