5s to Galaxy s5 to 6s Plus --- Loving this thing

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by convergent, Oct 8, 2015.

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    I'm a closet big phone guy that has to come out of the big phone closet now! A bit of history... I was a big smartphone user back in the day of PDAs. I have boxes full of most of the early PocketPC and Palm devices.. had just about all of them. If anyone remembers the Hitachi G1000, I had and loved it and actually still have it tucked away in storage somewhere.

    G1000 - 5.8" x 3.3" x 0.9" 8.4 oz.
    6s Plus - 6.2" x 3.07" x 0.3" 6.8 oz.

    The G1000 was big because of the keyboard, not the screen. After that one, I went back to the smaller devices and hung tough with Windows Mobile and slider keyboards until the iPhone 3G. I swore off onboard keyboards... hated them... and resisted the iPhone for quite a while. Then I decided to stick my toe in with the iPhone 3G. What followed was a wholesale conversion to Apple-guy.. MacBooks, Mac Minis, Power Macs, Apple TVs, iPhones, iPads, Airports... etc., etc... and lots of $$$$$.

    I happily lived through most of the later iPhones, but got to the 5s and swore I'd stay there.... didn't like the "big phones" I thought. They looked silly when I saw people using them, not remembering how ridiculous my old G1000 looked. I was sure I'd stay a 5s guy for life... or until Apple surely came out with an updated "small iPhone" matching the beautiful 6 design. I even bought two 6's for my two daughters but didn't want one. Then I had a job change and they provided me a Galaxy s5. I hated Android and after 6 months threw the towel in. But the experience reminded me that I actually like the big phones.

    My company is going to BYOD, so I am happily back in the iPhone camp. I decided to go big or go home... SG 6s Plus w/128G. I've had it a week and I'm in love with this thing. I love pretty much everything about it. To quote the Apple expects, its the best iPhone I've ever owned!!! LOL

    Seriously, the size, feel, speed, and function of the 6s Plus is so well done. About the only thing that I notice I miss is the over-saturated colors on the Galaxy's OLED screen which have some "pop"... makes the Plus screen feel a little dull... but I'm sure that will pass in time. I can safely say I am not a fan of Android... frustrated me for 6 months. I may slowly retire using my iPad now that I have the Plus... time will tell.

    With so many negative threads on here... anyone else skipped the 6 Plus and gone straight from earlier devices to a 6s Plus and love it?
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    It's a good phone. So was my 6+.

    I'm just waiting for the iOS 9 jailbreak. I'll love my 6s+ more then I think. :D
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    I've had every iPhone iteration since the iPhone 3GS. I just recently got the iPhone 6s+. I'm so in love with this thing! Easily the best iPhone I've owned. It feels so fast and powerful plus that battery life!
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    Aug 31, 2011
    ten-zero-eleven-zero-zero by zero-two
    I really liked my 6+. Of course it was on 8.1.1 and jailbroken where my 6s+ is not - yet. But a real shame I had to trade it in. I had it replaced shortly before trading it in and it wasn't even a month old!
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    The 6S+ is the best phone I've ever owned. Heck, it might be the best computer I've ever owned. The horsepower of this thing is leaps and bounds above my prior iPhones (including the 6+) and makes me comfortable doing anything on it. Five complex websites open at once, jumping back and forth between them? No problem. Research a trip including flight, hotel, car, and restaurants simultaneously? Piece of cake. Shoot, edit and render 4k video? Not so much as a stutter. Can't even pull that off on my desktop machine.


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