5S Unresponsive


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Apr 1, 2011
So yesterday I sit my phone down for a few minutes, and when I picked it up and hit the home button, nothing happened. I tapped the home button a few times, then pressed the power button at the top, and nothing. The battery was at about 80%, so it couldn't have drained that fast. None-the-less, I plugged it in to charge, and still nothing.

Thinking my phone had just up and died, I pressed the home and power buttons together for a few seconds, and then heard the sound of the shutter (desktop photo, I guess), then the phone went to the passlock screen and the phone has been fine since.

Very odd. Has this happened to anyone else?


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Feb 12, 2014
yea, with my 4s a few times before i got the 5...i guess you just have to do as you did and hold the power+home button together...this has happen to me about 3-4 times


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Oct 8, 2010
I had this happen probably every other day or so. I turned off touch ID and it hasn't happened since. I found a forum where that was suggested which sucks because I really like that feature. I just updated to 7.0.6 though so maybe I'll turn it back on and see if I still have problems. I had also done a restore from new previously which did not correct the issue.