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Apr 6, 2011
This is interesting...

I was just checking-out Lacie's website for their new Thunderbolt 2 product offerings (not much/too expensive/too little storage/no RAIDs using RAID5/6, as usual!), when I noticed they are selling a 10TB 2-drive 2big Thunderbolt (v1, not v2) model!
a store:

So this must mean that Seagate (Lacie's owners) have released 5TB HDD's into the market, yet virtually nothing on the newswires about this!?

All I could find was an article in The Register (21 Jan) with some info that Seagate were doing either 5TB or 6TB drives with their technology (SMR), whilst WD (through Hitachi offshoot) was using another technology (Helium enclosures) to possibly do upto 7TB but starting with 6TB first.

Anyone know anything further on this or other thoughts? (apart from they'll likely be super-expensive, as we all expect that for new tech! :rolleyes:)
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