iPad mini 5th gen folio/book case -- suggestions?


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Oct 21, 2005
I'm struggling to find a suitable case for protecting my iPad Mini 5th generation and could need some suggestions. This is what I'm looking for:
  • Folio/book type case
  • not too bulky (the iPad will be treated like a book, and the protection mostly against scratches)
  • protection all around the iPad (many cases have exposed sides)
  • quality design/looks
  • magnet for smart iPad open/sleep
  • room for Apple pencil (within the case for better protection, if possible)
I also have a 1st generation iPad Mini with an Apple Smart case (not Smart cover which only protects the front) which I'm perfectly happy with, but alas no longer sold by Apple, and not made for the 5th gen. model.
My only gripes are that it should have a small flap at the side to open (I tend to open it from the top, which has caused a lot of wear).

I just came across this Moleskine folio case which seems to be in the direction I'm looking for. I really like the placement of the Apple Pencil and haven't seen anything like that anywhere else, but (a) it's only for the iPad or iPad Pro, and (b) it appears to expose the sides of the iPad, not protecting it properly (unlike my Smart case). So what else can is worth checking out?
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