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Jun 18, 2012
I had an 80GB 5th Gen that won't boot - I keep getting the error message on it. I've had a hard drive fail before on it. I'm not sure if it's the HD or if it's the ipod that finally kicked the dust. I have lots of music on there and I'm wondering if I buy a used 5th generation ipod I can put my 80GB drive in there to see if it boots.

My question is: A.) Will that work - Is the physical/software for the 5th gens all the same, just with different size HDs? If so, that means I could buy a used 30GB 5th gen and see if my HD will work in it, yes?

I'm willing to take the risk and buy one used in hopes that the issue is my current ipod and not the hard drive, cause I just have some much music on there and it would be a chore to try and find and load that all on to a new Ipod.
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