6 Excellent iPad Apps for Meetings & Presentations

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    6 Excellent iPad Apps for Meetings & Presentations

    1.Docs on iPadiDocs HD Pro— Google Docs™ Client
    iDocs is an documents processing tools for Google Docs. It enables you to create, edit, share and view your Google documents with an easy-to-use and intuitive interface, built from the ground up to take advantage of the iPad's revolutionary form and functionality. From managing spreadsheets to live-editing word processing documents, it gives you a direct line to the full Google Docs suite.
    iDocs client is simple and convenient to use on iPad. They release their FREE version recently, the PRO version is also on sale for a limited time, reducing their price from $9.99 to $4.99, causing a very big craze. The HD and UI makes me impressive.
    iDocs HD Pro for Google Docs:
    iDocs HD Free for Google Docs:

    Cost: $4.99

    2.Sadun’s Whiteboard

    Sadun’s Whiteboard is simply that—an electronic whiteboard—and it can be projected to an external TV or projection screen with the right hardware. This whiteboard app offers many pen colors, marker widths and the ability to add text as well as photos. Editing functions include undo and erase. After the whiteboard is created, it can be saved directly to the iPad and sent by email to others.
    Cost: $2.99

    3.Idea Boards

    Idea Boards offers a whiteboard along with a chalkboard, graph paper and legal pad. This app has more backgrounds than Sadun’s Whiteboard, but not as much functionality—you can't move or erase objects on the board. According to their website, the makers of this app promise more board designs and functionality (including the ability to export as a PDF) in the future.
    If you’re not sure how much you would use a whiteboard app, this app could be a good way to test the waters without incurring a big expense. You can check out a demo here.

    Cost: $1.99


    Ever had those moments where you need to visualize something? Corkulous can give you an electronic corkboard, on which you can place photos, post-it notes, contact info and to-dos. The app allows you to store multiple cork boards, and it also has the ability to nest them. Corkulous understands its role as an idea board, and so it provides the flexibility to email cork boards to others and to lock them so no one else has access, just in case you’re conjuring up some secret plans.
    In addition, Corkulous has a companion app called Todo that allows you to export your cork board into a to-do list if you need a way to put those ideas into action.

    Cost: $4.99


    Someone always ends up being the scribe at meetings, and the scribe usually has to carry note-filled pieces of paper back to the office and transcribe them. Enter Penultimate, which allows for note-taking directly on the iPad—you can write and draw using your finger as the pen. Once you're done taking notes, you can email the file to everyone right then and there. Writing with your finger takes some getting used to, but once you're used to it, the feature is very convenient.
    Cost: $1.99

    Instaviz is great for those times when you need a beautiful flow chart but can’t seem to draw a nice-looking circle. Using shape recognition software, Instaviz takes your rough sketches and turns them into perfect shapes and straight lines. Its editing feature allows you to include text, change fonts and add color to enhance the look of the diagram. The app also lets you select and delete shapes in a diagram.

    Once the diagram is completed, you can save it to your iPad or send it to others. The app also allows you to duplicate the diagram, in case you want to use the foundation of one graphic to start another.

    Cost: $9.99

    As a bonus, here’s an app to watch:Office2 HD. This is a Microsoft-compatible app that currently allows you to create and edit Word and Excel files on your iPad—and the developers have an update in the works that will add PowerPoint. I got a sneak peek of the PowerPoint features, which allow you to create a slide presentation, including editing features like colors, shapes and photos. So, if you’re looking for one app that will allow you to create, view and edit your Office docs, this could be it.

    As you can see, there’s no shortage of apps to help you in your next presentation or meeting. And, pairing these apps up with yourfavorite file storage app such as Box.net or Dropbox will only add to your productivity.
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    I'm so sick of Penultimte being touted as this great note taking app.

    It doesn't even have a zoom box!!!!!!! Unless you want to write like a three year old or doodle, it's absolutely useless for writing notes.

    Unfortunately its inclusion impacts the credibility of the entire list.
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    Oct 24, 2012
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    I'd also recommend the Prezi app. It's a nice alternative to standard presentation apps.
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    I would mention iDisplay app. It's an excellent tool for presentations. It allows to share your macbook's screen with up to 36 connected iOS devices. Moreover you may control your macbook from any of these connected devices.
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    Penultimate SUCKS. Why do people keep recommending it? No zoom box/advance feature = crap.
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    Mar 30, 2013
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    Does it integrated with MS Project?
  10. Smith Fimar macrumors member

    Smith Fimar

    Mar 30, 2013
    Plan data can be exported to MS Project (in xml format), seems it does not support to import MPP file now. - also can export to image directly for reporting and sharing.
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    Thanks for sharing, I look forward to another post with the word FREE in it. :p
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    try holding a regular ipad like that. it'll be very awkward. :D

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