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Sep 19, 2005
Hi -

I know that's a strange request but I'm DYING to turn it on however seem to recall (can't find now) posts warning people about this and that, re. iOS8 software and/or switching from old phone to new.

A few days ago I did finally update my laptop from Snow Leopard to the latest (forgot name already!) and then I also backed up my iPhone 4S onto the laptop once the laptop was updated. I then installed the new iOS8 onto my phone. It had some corrupted files then lost everything so I had to wipe the phone clean and re-install, then I was able to get my stuff back from the backup (whew!).

My questions now:

- It's been years and I was probably walked through how it was done last time so I just don't remember. Once I turn on the new phone, what is the most safe, reliable and efficient method of getting all my info transferred from the old phone to the new?

- Does the iOS8 software kick in automatically on the new phone (sorry for ignorance) and didn't I read that's a big problem...that people aren't able to make phone calls or something like that? I thought I read that only older phones are doing okay with the new software, oddly enough. Has that issue been resolved yet? Any suggestions about what specifically I should do or not do? Also, any specific steps would be greatly appreciated! :eek:

Thanks so much!

Small White Car

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Aug 29, 2006
Washington DC
Plug your phone into your computer.

Open iTunes. Turn the phone on.

Stop worrying.

As you noted earlier, you restored your old phone and got everything back. Should you do anything wrong with your new phone just use iTunes to restore sit and start from the beginning. You can always start over.


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Sep 12, 2011
1. The most reliable and efficient method is using iCloud. If your iPhone 4S is not backed up to iCloud but is backed up to computer, then connect iPhone 6 Plus to computer and follow the steps.

2. iOS doesn't automatically download software. You have to individually go to settings and perform software update manually. The issue you mention (iOS 8.0.1) has been removed for iOS 8.0.2.


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Feb 2, 2008
You should also know if you blow on the back of it, even a little bit, it will bend.


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Feb 9, 2014
You have it in hand?!?!. PUT IT DOWN YOU IDIOT don't you know if you hold it it will bend?


Jun 29, 2008
New York, NY
Don't hold it too long because you will lose cellular signal and the phone will bend. This is known as bendtennagate.
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