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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by TommyBoy5, Aug 13, 2016.

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    As probably one of the heaviest portable users of the Retina Macbook I thought I'd share with you my battery stats after 602 cycles.

    I use the machine all day, plug in when I'm not using it, run it almost all the way down often, and give absolutely zero thought to battery management or what the latest and greatest "do this to conserve your battery life" advice is.

    Purchased this the first week they came out. It's a 1.2Ghz 8Mb 512Gb configuration.

    602 Cycles
    Maximum Charge: 4355 mAh
    Design Capacity: 5297 mAh
    82.2% Battery Capacity

    The highest it has ever been is 95% (first week of ownership) and the lowest it has ever been is 77% (on 5/23/2016 @ 503 cycles).

    Mostly WiFi web browsing, Excel, Word and Mail apps. Very little game playing. Moderate video watching - mostly YouTube.

    All statistics via Coconut Battery.
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    600 cycles? That's impressive!

    I'm at 618 cycles on my Early Macbook Pro 2008!!
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    Thanks. Good to see that you are still over the 80% health after 602 cycles. Of course these are not great numbers but after reading some posts on battery stats and issues I almost expected worse.

    Mine is a 2015 base model
    I am at 322 cycles after 15 months of use. Battery health at 84%. Last month I was at 91% (293 cycles) so it dropped quite fast. (I have been as low as 82% at ca 200 cycles).
    This has happened before and I almost expect it to go up again and stabilize at 87-88% for some time.
    Maybe the decrease flattens out a bit so it stays above the 80% after two years. What is your experience there? Did you get the battery service warning when you were at 77%?

    I am very pleased with my machine especially if the battery is going to last me more than 2 years (600 cycles in my case). Battery life is still ok for my use. It normally last me a whole day.

    Used for iBooks, Safari, Mail, Keynote, no movies (some iMovie though), SketchUp

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