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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by Soura2112, Jun 2, 2011.

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    My Sony 560v camcorder shoots in 60p and when set to highest quality it says can't burn to blu ray nor can FCE or iMovie import the files. The camera says "no blu ray burning" when I set it to that mode. So my question is what's the purpose of this setting if I can't edit it? Just watch it through HDMI to my TV without any editing? I love the other modes but if 60p won't help in areas outside of watching the video from cam to tv I may rethink my purchase. Anyone that can help me out with options on 60p I would love to hear it. Been waiting forever for FCX to come our during my return period to see if that can help but as we know there's no info out there. Just may be able to save some $$ if 60p is no use at the moment.
    Thanks again.
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    Well, Final Cut Pro can edit 60p just fine.

    I've never used FCE so I can't say if that's a limitation of the program or if you're doing something wrong. But I can tell you that if you ever upgrade then it's something you'll be able to use.
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    Well I have been waiting pretty much 2 years for FC PRO, except my G5 was not running well. I waited out for the 2010 Mac Pro and knowing a new FCP would come out. I only used FCP at a friends till he moved, so I couldn't test my new camcorder since it's new.
    I'm assuming FCX will allow 60P editing.
    Thanks for the help. I want 60P...well everything possible to throw at Pro so great news.
    Just like everyone else.... Come on Apple it's June tell us more about FCX please!
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    60 is just the frame rate. There really is no difference in quality unless you are looking to slow down your footage. DVD/BR plays back at 24fps or 30fps. When you encode a file for BR it will convert the frame rate as well.

    iMovie and FCE probably do not support 60fps footage. What software are you using to burn BR?
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    No BD yet

    I don't have a blu ray writer yet. I have been looking into them, and plan on getting one this summer. Unfourtuntly I had to pay for some other things at the moment. Once I get a blu ray writer then I will figure out what program to use. Off the top of my head I'm hoping Toast can help in that area, which I will also need to get.
    I mainly shoot sports, so having a great slo mo is very important. I just do editing as a side job and as a hobby.
    Though I plan to take some night courses on After Effects this fall at a JC to learn more, and take things to another level. I took 3 years off and a lot has changed in that time period.
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    The piece of this that you're missing is not that 60p won't work, it's that 1080p60 exceeds the transfer rate specifications of blu-ray at 1x. Like DVDs, the specification is pegged to transfer rates possible at 1x - meaning that 1080p60 simply demands too much bandwidth for the 1x transfer rate of a BD.

    Would it theoretically be possible to do it on, say, a 2x or 4x BD-R? I don't see why not, but I rather doubt there's support for it on the software burning side or on the player firmware side.

    720p60 is quite possible on a blu-ray.

    You would be able to watch 1080p60 anyway, either on a computer or a sufficiently advanced playback device (Pretty sure a Playstation 3 could manage it). It's also worth pointing out that those camcorder advisories apply to the raw footage, simply as shot. I have no doubt that making that go directly to disc, using whatever crummy bundled software, wouldn't work. But if you're using real editing software, you can specify your output format or use whatever burning software you need to make it work. Plus there's always the possibility of conversion.

    That having been said, I severely doubt your camcorder supports 1080p60, anyway: right now, the only inexpensive models that appears on are the 3D camcorders. That's a very high-end pro feature on most regular camcorders, for the aforementioned reasons, among others.

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