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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by HRMaddie, Feb 10, 2011.

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    Couple of questions? Mac Pro with Final Cut Express

    I purchased a Panasonic 700 about 6 months ago and have a quite a few home movies that I'm needing to archive. For now I was just going to store them on a hard drive, just wondering if there are any other better solutions?

    One thing I'm trying to do but am having a hard time what format to store the original footage in without losing the 5.1 in an editable format. Aside from Clipwrap is there any programs that will do the same thing, ie, transcode the .mts file to a .mov file and keep the 5.1 sound? Voltaic does it, but splits the audio out, I don't want to run into audio sync issues. The file format doesn't necessarily have to be in .mov either.

    Clipwrap is a great program and has worked on about 85% of the movies, but for some reason on the others I get the audio but no video.
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    Do not transcode your video. Archive it in its native format.

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