64-Bit UNIX????? Huh?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by ingenious, Jul 15, 2004.

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    Ok on Apple's Tiger website, it lists Tiger as having 64-bit UNIX. How is that possible? I know this is dumb, but does it mean that all G4 and G3 users will not be able to use certain features?
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    It has certain libraries that are 64-bit enabled for G5 computers. This mainly allows them to access more RAM for applications (specifically those related to Unix). On a G3/G4, that amount of RAM isn't even possible, so it doesn't apply. Plus on those computers, a 32-bit version of the library would be used.
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    There are already G4-specific versions of various functions in Mac OS X and Mac OS 9 that speed up things only when AltiVec is present.

    The 64-bit libraries are no different, on a G5 they can be used transparently by any app via enhanced APIs or specifically via special libraries to access more memory.

    The same goes for Core Graphics and Core Image which degrade gracefully as the hardware capabilities drops. For example with Quartz Extreme-supported graphics cards the arrow cursor has a shadow while on lower-end Macs with lesser graphics the arrow has no shadow.

    In the end the OS "just works" on whichever hardware it runs on. And software can adapt or require a G4 or G5 as they have since the PowerPC replaced the 68k processors in the mid 90's.
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    All versions of OS X have been 64 bit only since Mountain Lion.
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