64 Bit Vista on a black macbook?

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by Winter Charm, Aug 13, 2008.

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    Winter Charm

    Jul 31, 2008
    recently, i talked to an apple store manager. she said that bootcamp for 64 bit versions of windows had been released for the mac pro and the macbook pro. unfortunately i cant afford either of these. i was hoping to make do with a black macbook but i do NOT want to be stuck with just 2 GB of ram (i need all i can get cuz i do play games) - so i was wondering if it would be possible to install the bootcamp64.exe file on the MB Black. if this works it would be great but i have NO idea about this -- the drivers are for the mac pro and the macbook pro. in a recent thread under the mac pro section of this forum, i heard people say that it worked with their mac pros that were bought several years ago (the 64 bit support is only in the recent (jan 2008 and later) mac pros and macbook pros.) so i was wondering since a lot of the hardware is the same (just case and screen size that's really different) - same airport extreme, ect... will it work... i know this is really pushing the limit and i am a 100% TOTAL OSX noob and have no idea how this might/ might not work. so please dont rant at me... thanks for the help!

    also, i have heard that there are ways to do this... without parallels and fusion... so if you have any site that has instructions to do this, please post a link.
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    It should work, though you may need to hunt down some of the drivers like for the integrated GPU (since neither the Mac Pro nor the MacBook Pro uses it, so there is no need to include drivers for it).

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