64 bit vista on a new mac

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    If I install 64 bit vista on a brand new Macbook pro would I be able to use the full amount of ram? Its 6gb right? Is there a problem with the 64 bit version on a Mac? Thanks for any info.
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    Good thanks
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    Specific Mac models support 64-bit Vista!

    See this Apple support document:



    Be prepared for manually updating your video and sound drivers, after you install BootCamp. At least with late 2008 MacBook pros, don't use BootCamp supplied video drivers!

    All below applies mostly laptops, sound tips may help iMac users too!

    Correct way to do this:
    Install BootCamp drivers -> Before rebooting, remove NVidia video drivers installed by bootcamp -> Reboot

    Install Bootcamp Update 2.1 -> This may broke some Bootcamp features, etc. special function keys (screen brightness adjustement, eject button, etc.).
    For repair instructions, see this. (Remove "C:\Program Files\Boot Camp\Kbdmgr.exe" and use Programs and Features (was Add/Remove Programs in XP), find "Bootcamp services" and choose repair and reboot. Everything works, yay!)

    Okay, after this, problem is, that your sound may not work :confused:. This is easy to fix. Go to device manager, and update RealTek HD sound driver. Just use "Update from Internet option"! Suprisingly, it works! (Never would have believed it, considering this is Vista :p) After driver update -> Reboot.

    Now, let's get much better graphics, right? If you are a brave soul, install latest drivers from here:


    Or if latest doesn't work, use this driver from september, I haven't had any noticeable problems with it, even with latest games (e.g. Fallout 3, runs quite nicely).


    Install and reboot.

    You might hear crackle, when playing audio, this is because of a problem with wireless and audio drivers. This simple trick worked for me, while waiting for new and better drivers :mad: (I found it somewhere here in MacRumors, thanks for the guy who posted it). In Device Manager, got to Broadcom 802.11n Network Adapter driver properties and choose "Advanced" tab. From the list, choose "Disable Bands" and set value in dropdown box to "Disable 802.1a". Choose "Ok". And just to be sure, reboot. No crackle! And 802.1a is quite rare standard these days, at least you don't have to disable the new and fast 802.11n!

    Hope this helps.


    MacBook Pro 2.4 GHz, 2 GB RAM, 256 Mb Video RAM, late 2008 model
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