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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by actripxl, Nov 19, 2011.

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    I gave my Macbook to my mother back in June and have been using an HP netbook in the mean time. I'm ready to buy a Mac but I'm really concerned about the lack of storage in Apples entry level notebook.

    I no longer have very many files since I don't rip my discs anymore with HULU doing a good job of having a lot of programming worth watching. For gaming I use my PS3 and occasionally my 360 (not paying for LIVE). The only thing I have are music files which are 16GB and slowly growing since I love using Pandora on my PS3 while cooking and cleaning my place. As for programs I only plan to get iWorks and smaller ones like Skype, Chrome, etc.

    What I'd also like to know is how much space is left from the start since the partition and Lion use a set amount. If I have to spend any more than the $999 I'll just get a Mac Book Pro but I think its overkill since the netbook enough for my needs so far and storage is really my only concern for the MBA.
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    The biggest failure in the entry level MBA is the 2GB of RAM. There are websites that will sell you larger SSD drives for the MBA if you should decide you need a larger one, but you can't upgrade the RAM yourself. If you go the MBA route, I HIGHLY recommend you go with the at least a model with 4GB of RAM.

    I know that puts the MBA in the same realm for cost as the MBP, but a SSD drive in the MBA crushes the MBP.
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    ^ I agree.
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    I think a MacBook Pro is more appropriate for your needs. Yes, the SSD drive is alot faster than a HDD; but what do you really need it for? A few extra seconds here and there really isnt a big issue. On the other hand, with the Pro you get a 320 GB HDD, a faster CPU and 4 GB RAM.

    Only get the Air if you intend to carry it about all day with you; and even then, the MacBook Pro is still a light laptop.
  5. Trav29 macrumors member

    Sep 17, 2011
    Can't you buy the 64GB model with 4GB of ram at other online retailers such as MacMall?
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    I have a 64GB SSD in my MBP ( + 320GB in optibay ).

    I have all the programs on there. Microsoft Office, Pages, numbers, garage band, iMovie, iPhoto, and Adobe Production Premium (8GB) and some pictures.

    I'm currently using only 28GB.

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