64GB iPhone 6 (Plus)/128GB iPad Air 2 vs 128GB iPhone 6 (Plus)/64GB iPad Air 2


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May 10, 2015
Which device would you prefer to have the extra 64GB storage on? Logic please - my friend has a 128GB iPhone 6 Plus and a 64GB iPad Air 1, and, while his usage may vary from mine, intrigues me as to why you would get more storage on a portable device...


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Jul 18, 2011
Really depends on which device he will use more. Is there something he might do on his iPad that requires the extra space, like video editing, which he likely won't do on his iPhone?

Personally, I would just try to match the usage on both devices, since my iPhone tends to be a mirror copy of my iPad in terms of apps and content. So 64gb for both devices.


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Aug 29, 2010
I have the same setup: 128 GB iPhone 6 and a 64 GB iPad Air 2.

1. I use my phone to take pictures and video. Those require a lot of storage.
2. I have my enitre music collection on my phone. I want to have access to it wherever I am.
3. I have my entire book collection on my phone. It has around 5 GBs.

I use my iPad mainly for reading (RSS feeds, books, websites) or various education apps.

I am using about 80% of the storage of the iPhone 6 and about 20% of the iPad's. By my usage I should get a 256 GB iPhone when they will be available and a 16 GB iPad. :)

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Oct 25, 2013
Really depends on which device he will use more.
This exactly. Personally use my iPad for comics, magazines and videos so I need more storage on my iPad.

My mom on the other hand only uses her iPad for web surfing and online banking so she can easily get by with just 16GB on hers. However, she uses her iPhone to take pictures and videos (and needs my or my brother's help to offload pics) so she needs a minimum 32GB iPhone.


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Apr 9, 2015
I go 64GB iPhone + 16GB iPad and don't come close to filling either. I keep a lot of apps, photos, and music on the phone and barely anything on the iPad. The iPad is a web browsing/reading device for me mainly, and I'll sometimes travel with it instead of my computer. My first iPad was 64GB and I realized it was completely unnecessary for my usage.
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