6502 Assembly language

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    May 11, 2009
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    Wow, this is a weird question.
    Well, I found an online 6502 disassembler and pasted your opcode in to get this result:
                      * = 0300
    0300   A0 00      LDY #$00
    0302   B9 11 03   LDA $0311,Y
    0305   F0 09      BEQ $0310
    0307   20 ED FD   JSR $FDED
    030A   C8         INY
    030B   E8         INX
    030C   C8         INY
    030D   4C 02 03   JMP $0302
    0310   60         RTS
    0311   B3         ???
    0312   B8         CLV
    0313   B2         ???
    0314   B3         ???
    0315   B0 CA      BCS $02E1
    0317   CE D3 D7   DEC $D7D3
    031A   B2         ???
    031B   B6 B5      LDX $B5,Y
    031D   B9 B9 B4   LDA $B4B9,Y
    0320   AE C0 B6   LDX $B6C0
    0323   B9 B0 B9   LDA $B9B0,Y
    0326   B2         ???
    0327   B1 B6      LDA ($B6),Y
    0329   B4 B2      LDY $B2,X
    032B   B3         ???
    032C   AC AE B9   LDY $B9AE
    032F   B1 B1      LDA ($B1),Y
    0331   B9 B1 B5   LDA $B5B1,Y
    0334   B4 B2      LDY $B2,X
    0336   B2         ???
    0337   D1 D7      CMP ($D7),Y
    0339   C5 D3      CMP $D3
    033B   B0 B1      BCS $02EE
    033D   B4 B0      LDY $B0,X
    033F   B0 B8      BCS $02F9
    0341   AE AE B5   LDX $B5AE
    0344   B1 B3      LDA ($B3),Y
    0346   B4 B7      LDY $B7,X
    0348   B6 B5      LDX $B5,Y
    034A   B3         ???
    034B   B0 B9      BCS $0306
    034D   AC B2 B3   LDY $B3B2
    0350   C2         ???
    0351   D3         ???
    0352   C4 C1      CPY $C1
    0354   D7         ???
    0355   C5 C3      CMP $C3
    0357   C2         ???
    0358   D6 CB      DEC $CB,X
    035A   CC CC A0   CPY $A0CC
    035D   B4 CE      LDY $CE,X
    035F   D0 C1      BNE $0322
    0361   D2         ???
    0362   C1 D5      CMP ($D5,X)
    0364   D9 D4 C3   CMP $C3D4,Y
    0367   C6 C9      DEC $C9
    0369   AC B9 CF   LDY $CFB9
    036C   00         BRK
    036D   00         BRK
    036E   00         BRK
    036F   00         BRK
    0370              .END
    So, from very rusty memory:

    0300 A0 00 LDY #$00 --> loads the Y register (8 bits) with 0
    0302 B9 11 03 LDA $0311,Y --> load the accumulator (8 bits) with the byte at address (0311 + Y). Since Y is zero right now, it loads the accumulator with the value B3.

    0305 F0 09 BEQ $0310 --> if the acculator is zero, jump to address 0310. 0310 just has an RTS opcode, which is "return".
    0307 20 ED FD JSR $FDED --> This is calling a routine at FDED. I don't know what it does. Let's say it outputs the value of the accumulator???

    030A C8 INY --> increment Y register
    030B E8 INX --> increment X register !!! not previously used !!!
    030C C8 INY --> increment Y register
    030D 4C 02 03 JMP $0302 --> jump to 302

    So this is a loop that processes every other byte starting at address 0311. It terminates when a zero is encountered.

    I guess the "bug" in the program is that 030B should be another INY (INX doesn't make any sense since the x register is not used elsewhere, though it's a complete guess on my part that it is supposed to be another INY). So maybe this is supposed to process every third byte.

    Edit: Oh, actually, that's what the puzzle says -- replace the INX (increment X) with INY (increment Y) So it does process every third byte starting at address 0311
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    May 11, 2009
    Hmmmm. I still don't get what I am supposed to do with this. Is there a way to run the corrected program (without having the original oldie Apple computer??
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    Jul 17, 2002
    Well, you could try an emulator.
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    May 11, 2009
    Thanks all! I used the corrected code and I emulated and got the answer I needed!!!!!! You rock!!!!

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