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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by nheilweil, Oct 1, 2015.

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    Having a bit of weirdness on my 6S Plus...

    If I message someone (like a fellow 6S user) one of my 4K videos, it only sends as 720.

    Likewise if I try to post one of my 4K videos to YouTube using the Share Panel, connected to WiFi, HD option (it gives me the option for standard def or HD), the video only ends up in YouTube as 720.

    Finally, if I share the video via email, it only sends as 720.

    Any hints on how to share 4K video as 4K? I know folks are doing it to YouTube since I've seen the videos there!
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    You can't send 4K video via iMessage or upload to YouTube in 4K through your phone. The YouTube app is limited to 720p or 1080p if you install the separate YouTube Capture app. You'll have to transfer it to a computer first then upload it to YouTube or send via e-mail. I'd recommend using something like Dropbox if you want to send it through e-mail.
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    Think about the file size and how long it would take to send. 720p is 60MB per minute. 4K is 375MB per minute.
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    Have your tried using the iMovie app as that supports 4K
  6. Ninja Dom, Oct 11, 2015
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    To share 4K video from a 6S and keep it at 4K you have to:

    Use Airdrop,
    Use iMovie and upload to YouTube at 4K.

    iMessage only supports 720p at 30 FPS maximum.

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