6s More Durable?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Velin, Feb 27, 2016.

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    I've dropped a rose gold iPhone 6s a bunch of times, including on a hard glass surface. I know from experience if this were the iPhone 4 or 5, or even the 6, at minimum it would have scratched and deformed a bit, likely dented, and possibly a cracked screen.

    But the 6s -- not even a scratch. You would never, ever know my 6s has taken at least half a dozen falls on hard surfaces. But what's strange is no dings, no dents, no deformation. I'm looking at the 6s now, not a mark.

    One good thing Apple did was to eliminate the beveled edges, which helps maintain a clean appearance. But has anyone else noticed the iPhone 6s is much more rugged than past models? If you have, why is it so? Change in aluminum? Does the plastic banding on the top, bottom, and sides help absorb impact? And did they do something with the aluminum and coloring to greatly reduce scratches and dents?
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    I'd say its maybe more luck then durability but I believe I did read that apple did strengthen the plus model (making it less bendy), so maybe the regular model got some attention.
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    The 6s and 6s plus uses a different kind of aluminum. Maybe that is what making it more durable.
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  5. Skorpio macrumors 6502


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    I agree that a lot of luck is involved, but also agree the 7000 series aluminum is stronger (but also heavier).
    At the right angle, height, temperature and many other metrics, the S models can damage, especially the glass screen.
    In my experience, my 6S plus dropped from 4 inches onto my (plastic handle) parking brake in 25° climate in my car. When I looked at it, it had looked like only my glass screen protector cracked and took the force.
    But, once at home base, I removed it only to find the Apple glass underneath it also cracked. It was the 1st screen I've ever broke since owning a 3GS on up, if that's any indication of my carefulness.
    I believe the cold weather amplified this situation, but $160 later and I'm now enjoying a beautiful screen again
  6. Unami macrumors 6502a

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    probably luck - i dropped my old iphone 4 (no protector) in concrete, concrete and gravel from about waist height countless times, and it survived only with minimal scratches. dropped my ipad 1 once on an aluminium trashcan - the trashcan got a huge dent, the ipad showed nothing.

    but you also hear from people, who dropped it from a few centimeters and had broken screens - so it's probably mostly luck (that one pointy stone) and previous stress/microscratches.

    still, the 6s is made of stronger aluminium (remember "bendgate") and is also better sealed from the elements (some even call it water resistant).
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    Yeah, I've dropped my 6s Plus a good amount of times and have quite a few scratches and dents around the edges of the phone. It's not very noticeable unless you're looking for them though.
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    Try drop iPhone face down on a pointy rock with point face up.
    That's what happen to my old 3GS long times ago, and I don't think there is any screen will not crack.
    It is mostly about luck.
  9. gewawd macrumors member


    Aug 17, 2013
    The 6s series are definitely more durable thanks to the 7000 series aluminum and thicker anodizing.

    I have read a lot of threads on MacRumors and Reddit and can confirm that the new devices are much more durable.

    I also watched a lot of YouTube drop test videos pitting the iPhones 6 and iPhone 6s against each other.

    This one in particular, the channel owner repeatedly states that you cannot tell that the 6s has been dropped numerous times.
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    But if you watch his 6S vs S6 drop test, on what looks like a cobblestone surface, the screen cracked on the pocket height faced down drop. I was seriously considering ditching my case for once until I saw that. Ha
  11. wproct macrumors 6502


    Dec 4, 2014
    Interesting thread and video, but man, I just can't imagine carrying a phone without a case. I very much think that every drop is unique, a phone might survive a 5 foot drop in on instance, and then break on just a 1 foot drop the next.

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