6s panoramas dark -- ISO setting related?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by The Toddler, Oct 11, 2015.

  1. The Toddler, Oct 11, 2015
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    The Toddler

    Oct 17, 2011
    I recently upgraded from a 4s to the 6s. I've noticed that the lower the ambient light, the worse my panoramic shots turn out. I don't know that much about photography, but the image properties of my panoramas from the 4s seem to indicate variable ISO. But with the 6s, the all say ISO-800.

    In dark settings, the 6s's panoramas come out way worse. See the below examples. The first is in a bright light setting, and the quality is equal. The next one is in a bit dimmer room, and by the time we get to the last one, the 6s' quality goes below acceptable (ISO-1600 on the 4s vs ISO-800 on the 6s).

    Is there anything I can do about this? I noticed that after I take the picture, the photo editor allows me to tweak the brightness, contrast, etc, but I can't tell how effective it is given the phone's small screen size.

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    The Toddler

    Oct 17, 2011
    Just giving this a bump as I posted rather late last night. I also am providing another example as there was a difference in sunlight through the roof panels in my last two photos that may have skewed the results. Are there perhaps third party apps that allow you to play with the settings before taking a panorama?

    Again, the first was with a 4s (running iOS 7.1.2), and the second with a 6s (running iOS 9.0.2).

  3. The Toddler, Oct 12, 2015
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    The Toddler

    Oct 17, 2011
    OK, so I haven't solved the problem, but I have discovered a very helpful workaround. In the iPhone's photo app editor, I hit the magic wand, and well, it magically converted the dark photo into one that very closely matches the quality of what I was getting with the 4s and with less noise, too. Compare the before and after. It's now very lifelike. It's unfortunate that we have to do this trick for every mid- to low-light panoramas, but it's better than nothing.

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    Those are some nice panos. Good job! I'll have to try and see if I get the same result. Will post back.
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    Honestly it looks like you have HDR on for the 4s panos and HDR off on the 6s.

    The second pano the wood floor doesn't even look like the same type of wood between the two. 4s one looks like oak or somethin while the 6s one look anything the same. But the 6s does look way more natural. Both 4s versions of the second and third panos look like they have a heavy HDR added. (Which is why I suspect your HDR settings between the two. It should be a toggle at the top of the screen when in the camera app.)
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    The Toddler

    Oct 17, 2011
    HDR is not an option on panoramas. But I agree that the 6s pics with magic wand added look better than the higher ISO pics from the 4s. The 6s pics with no magic wand do look less processed than the 4s, but they don't accurately reflect how bright the room is. Below I have attached a normal photo of the same room from the last examples.


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