6S Plus Arrived .....

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Rhonindk, Sep 25, 2015.

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    New iPhone 6S Plus 64GB AT&T SG

    Unboxed - check
    Turn on - check
    Enter initial data - check
    hmmmm ... stuck at "updating iCloud settings" :confused:

    1 hour goes by..... still stuck. :confused:

    Restart device
    Skip iCloud - check
    Setup complete - check
    Install 9.0.1 - check
    Settings - complex passcode ... not there
    Settings - BT - won't come on...
    Settings - it can see it but wifi but can't connect any longer after 9.0.1 - was okay under 9.0
    Reboot - no help o_O

    Decision: Restore device to factory defaults :cool:
    Plug in device into iTunes ....
    - Even though iTunes sees it is on 9.0.1, iTunes still insists on downloading 9.0.1 so it can do a factory restore. okaaaay. So it starts downloading really really slow on my 200mb pipe.

    Not a great start :(
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    After having to download 9.0.1 (slow...) I got my Plus back to factory defaults. Spending the next 2 hours adding my photos, my apps, my email, my .... You get the picture.
    Anyway, it has been running good so far.

    I'all update in a couple of days as I put this through its paces.

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