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Jan 6, 2013
does the OIS in 6s plus give its camera a big advantage over the 6s?


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Nov 29, 2011
Boston, MA
But is there not as much difference with photos?
My understanding is that it pony effects video recording.
This makes no sense. What are you complaining about?
Nowhere near worth it given the size of plus version.

im thinking what is implied here is the trade off isn't worth it. What you gain from the OIS doesn't offset the large unwieldy size of the plus device.
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Tom G.

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Jun 16, 2009
Champaign/Urbana Illinois
Yes, since it works just as well when taking photos, as it does when taking videos, it is well worth the extra cost of the 6S Plus. The extra size of the 6S Plus that is mentioned in Post #5 is to me an advantage as it gives a larger screen for me to use to set up my photo.

I actually got my 6S Plus for the larger screen size to help with reading. Larger print etc, however I have found that it also comes in handy when taking photos or videos. The OIS is ice cream on the pie.
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Sep 15, 2012
OIS was the clincher for me in deciding between the 6s and the 6s+.


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Sep 11, 2014
On my recent road trip I sat in the car and recorded a video of the scenery going by using both my 6S Plus and my SE. Camera shake was very evident in the SE's video. There was none in the 6S Plus video. Unfortunately I can't share the videos because my husband and kid couldn't stop talking long enough and a couple of times I dropped and fumbled one of the phones so the audio is me at my grumpiest. :confused: :rolleyes:I was holding both IPhones together, which was a bear to do. But it let me see the differences right away as I was filming.

For people who don't mind walking on long hikes with the 6S Plus the OIS is a worthy feature. I'm a petite female and I felt the convenience of being able to easily pop the SE into and out of my front pocket outweighed the bit of jitters I got on video. So the 6S Plus got left home a lot. Of course I haven't tried to view any of the videos on the big screen tv. When I do, I may have some regrets.


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Aug 20, 2014
Nowhere near worth it given the size of plus version.
Well that's your opinion. To other people it's a win-win because they love the larger screen size AND the extra features, better battery, etc.

I'm going for the Plus next time around not only because I get more features such as the cool landscape springboard/improved landscape app layouts, better battery, better camera, etc, but because of the larger screen. My iPhone 6 occasionally feels too small and cramped when I'm using it, watching videos, etc. When I use my friend's 6 Plus I feel more at home with the awesome expansive canvas that I have access to.

I'm only somewhat worried about the unwieldy nature of the large phone. Not really for one-handed everyday use, but more for like using the phone one handed when I'm laying down or something. That might get annoying because it will be a little harder to support and I'll have to remember to enable portrait orientation lock for the home screen but really it doesn't seem like such a bad trade off with such a nicer amount of space.
But is there not as much difference with photos?

Optical Image Stabilization
Correct. OIS only affects video.

I thought OIS affected photos as well? Look at the 6 Plus from last year, it has OIS for photos but not video. Slightly better low light performance, less noise and movement related blurriness.
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