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Oct 10, 2011
This might be a stupid question but going to ask anyway.

Time to upgrade my wife and wondering if the size of text, apps, etc will be any different. I know the screen size of the 11 is actually bigger but I see some of the spec are lower. Just curious as she is visually challenged and if text appears smaller she will not be happy. I know you can zoom and change font size but curious how they would compare with same settings.



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Dec 13, 2010
I don’t really notice a difference. Had a 6 Plus and iPhone 7 before I got my 11.


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Oct 5, 2011
I'm not vision impaired (other than eye glasses) but I traded in my 6S+ earlier in the year for a XR. I personally feel the screen is wonderful. Sharp & so, so much more real estate!
The iPH 11 can only be better with the updates.
All that being said, I think it would be best for your wife to actually test the phone out in person. They're everywhere!
Best to you.


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Oct 10, 2011
It would be best to have her test but she won't. My wife tends to be quite frugal and doesn't spend money on herself. Thus why she's still using 6S Plus. Easier for me to say here is your new phone.


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May 16, 2015
Then you can consider The return policy and buy one from somewhere, let her try it out and see what she thinks.


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Oct 17, 2011
It sounds like part of the question might also be related to whether or not the devices support zoomed vs. standard display.


Feb 22, 2015
When I was shopping for phone two years ago Appke had a generous long window for returns over the period of Black Friday to January 5th ish.
I tried the 8,!then 8 Plus finally settled on the X. Now I have the LCD 11 and it’s favorite iPhone ever. I really find it crisp clear and easy on eyes and to use.
plus transferred everything over doing side by side transfer that has everything as was, desktop apps login entire setup made it easy. Still spent the day checking everything out.


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Jun 21, 2011
Best is to try it herself. She was two weeks to test it and return it.
I did that. I returned the iPhone 11 because of the narrow screen, the notch and Face ID, I much prefer Touch ID .
On the other hand, camera on the 11 is better, processor faster but for everyday use the 6s plus I have is great .
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Sep 28, 2015
Chicago, IL
I echo others suggesting she try it herself. I craved the camera, speakers, internals, etc but hated the screen. The lower resolution wasn’t obvious all the time, but at times it was. If she was coming from a regular 6 it would be one thing. But coming from a 8 Plus personally, the lower screen resolution, tall and narrow screen, smaller keyboard, thin and less prominent font, etc made for a miserable experience for me. I chose my 8 Plus yet again. The positives of the 11 didn’t outweigh the benefits of my 2+ year old 8 Plus.

now i see it

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Jan 2, 2002
I have both big & small iPhones. I do not like looking at any of the smaller screens compared to a Plus. In fact I use my 6 Plus all the time and my 8 (non plus) sits in a drawer. Doesn't matter how fast it is if the screen looks worse
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