6S storage: how little is enough?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by imanidiot, Sep 28, 2015.

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    Just seeking opinions.
    My 4S and 5S were 16GB models (yes, price matters), and I just placed and cancelled an order for a 6S 16GB because of worry that, with new features and future iOS updates, 16GB may be no longer enough. I normally don't keep photos or movies on my phone, just a bit of music. I no longer shoot many photos and am used to having to manage music on my 5S, most of the time keeping 1-2GB free. After placing the order yesterday I suffered a crisis of confidence and cancelled it this morning. I am unsure of what to do at this point; I want a 6S (I'm due an upgrade on AT&T) but am a little worried about future usage/software requirements becoming more memory hungry. And I actually use my phone mostly as a phone and for email, and not as a small, portable computer.

    Any advice?
    Thanks for listening.
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    I have found even imessage can take up a ton of space if not managed properly. If you send and receive pictures and video through imessage a lot that will mount up unless you keep deleting messages.
    If you are using it as a phone and email mainly you should be fine. I guess I am the opposite. I barely use it as a phone.
    The fact that the camera is so good, you might change your mind and use it as your main camera from now on, in which case I would either recommend saving images directly to a cloud service, or going with the 64gb model
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    I think the 16GB would be ok for you. I got the 64GB. A part of me wish I had gotten the 128GB. It doesn't appear that you will store alot on the device. you may want to think about whether or not you may start using the iphone more in the future.
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    If you're only keeping it for a year go 16GB. If you're keeping it longer go for 64GB.

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