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Discussion in 'iPod' started by intempo808, Jun 25, 2007.

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    Jun 7, 2007
    As much as i would love a 6th Generation iPod, i think I, along with alot of other people, will be dissapointed with it... 2 Years we have been waiting and there have been millions of rumours, possibilities and accusations flying around the internet about what the next iPod is going to look like, act like and feature.

    What if Apple don't do any of this? If they dont hurry up people are going to be seriously dissapointed if it doesn't have a widescreen touch screen and internet and so on and so on...

    I mean, 2 Years? The iPods product life cycle ended ages ago! I just think if some doesnt come out soon, essesntially this year rather than next, with some really amazing features that set it appart from Apple's precious, time consuming iPhone, people are just going to be unbelievably dissapointed with it...

    Apple has abused and left behind its main product line in favor of something that is unbelievably overpriced and won't make up for the cost of the new iPod's they could be selling at christmas...?

    I mean... it just makes no sense...
  2. yoman macrumors 6502a


    Nov 11, 2003
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    I agree that Apple has been allocating resources full strength to the iPhone while neglecting its other two core businesses: iPod and Mac(delaying Leopard).

    With regards to what the 6th generation stand-alone iPod will offer, I expect it to look and act very similar to the iPhone minus the phone and internet. I believe those two features will be iPhone exclusive for the forseeable future. However the iPod will probably feature a significantly larger flash drive ~30-40GB and perhaps better battery life. Also the headphones may allow a better integrated remote when compared to the iPhone version.
  3. kuebby macrumors 68000


    Jan 18, 2007
    I agree too, they have been ignoring their core businesses too much. Macs and iPods bring home the bacon, not cell phones.

    And to yoman, the HD better be a lot bigger than 30-40GB. If I'm going to have a WS iPod I'll need at least 100GB.
  4. Dagless macrumors Core


    Jan 18, 2005
    Fighting to stay in the EU
    I forget who, but the folk who make HDD's for iPods announced a 100gb drive with no bigger dimensions than the 80gb one. Whatever iPod is next - widescreen/full screen or just not - 100gb is guaranteed. And I should hope so since I can fill my 80gb iPod :(
  5. yoman macrumors 6502a


    Nov 11, 2003
    In the Bowels of the Cosmos
    I was assuming the storage media would be flash based- which as far as I know is not in the 100GB range yet. However there probably will be a hard drive in the "main" iPod with flash in its little brothers (nano,shuffle).
  6. Le Big Mac macrumors 68030

    Le Big Mac

    Jan 7, 2003
    Washington, DC
    What features would you like them to add to the next generation? Put aside a larger HD, which is easy to do without a whole generation change. What's the point in revisions just for the sake of revisions? I kind of like the fact that not everything is constantly changing, other than for modest upgrades and speedbumps. Gives me more confidence in buying.
  7. Digital Skunk macrumors 604

    Digital Skunk

    Dec 23, 2006
    In my imagination
    It's at around 120GB now.

    First I would like to see that 120GB drive going into one of them for all of the videos and TV shows that i have downloading to my computer... and off of the top of my head I would like to add:

    (1) Full screen, iPhone sized or PSP sized screen, bright, and sharp.

    (2) Touchscreen UI from the iPhone. The Zune has a better UI albeit a terrible build to it. I am tired of the hierarchy that Apple has with the current iPod. The Zune and PSP have a wonderful way of navigating through menu options that doesn't involve having to cycle back through each and every menu that you went through. And the more features you add the more monotonous it becomes.

    (3) Integration with the AppleTV in some way. I want to beam media from my iPod to my or my friend's Apple TV. Why bring my entire laptop when I have 120GB of my library right there. And let me control the device from my iPod wirelessly or through BlueTooth. That is something that I would find a given, seeing that the Apple TV is okay, but could be much better given Apple's record for innovation and creating useful technology that plays nice with other Apple tech.

    (4) A flash based iPod on the low end. There is a 32GB flash drive the size of the iPod drive. Since the iPod may get a little bigger to hold my large screen, maybe they can put two of these together or another one that has more than 30GB of flash memory on it to be the starting model. Maybe the one up from that will have two Flash drives on it and the 120GB model can be called the iPod Pro. I don't know.

    (5) More functionality. I can keep my address book and notes with my but accessing them is a pain in the arse. Make it easier and at the same time give me more options. I know I am asking for a lot but it has been 2 years! Can I edit Pages and Keynote documents on it? I should. With such a large screen I should.

    (6) WiFi for wireless accessing and downloading of music. The Zune and MS goofed with WiFi since no one has a Zune and no one knows another person to share songs with. So they are going to fix that by adding more functionality with their WiFi. Apple can beat them to the punch by allowing us to download iTunes music or eMusic or whoever through the iPod.

    (7) Radio Tuner... just because some jerk is going to whine about it later. I could care less but somebody out there wants it so give it too him/her before they start crying.

    (8) The biggest thing of all... (drum rolls) able to access/receive satellite radio station such as XM or Sirius. FM is dead! Satellite is in and the new thing. Pay $500 for a lifetime membership, get music sent to your iPod (somehow) and when you get home plug it into the iPod HiFi and continue listening to your favorite music.

    Just a few features that I would like to see... I know some of them are far fetched but Apple really needs to come correct after the iPhone took all of the effort away from the things that were making Apple plenty of cash.
  8. Zwhaler macrumors 604


    Jun 10, 2006
    Yeah I also agree that the iPhone has been putting off Apples ability to put their main focus on their Macs and iPods, but hey, once the iPhone is out, I think we an all expect to see Apple get back on track.
  9. The_Man macrumors 6502


    Jun 10, 2005
    I think that a great feature to have for this next iPod would be bluetooth.
    Apple jumped on the bluetooth bandwagon long ago and has been a major supporter.
    Now, if Apple is able to integrate bluetooth into the iPod, they can first off use wireless headphones which is pretty cool.
    But the cooler thing would be if the iPod could connect wirelessly to your computer to add/remove files as well as act as an external hard drive. That way, people can save space on their computer hard drive and use their iPod instead.
    What do you think?
  10. steamboat26 macrumors 65816


    May 25, 2006
    Arlington VA
    I would imagine that a few months after the release of the iphone, the 6th gen ipod will come out, same form factor, but without the phone or internet capabilities
  11. nickster9224 macrumors 6502a


    Nov 6, 2006
    35 Miles From Chicago, Illinois
  12. Digital Skunk macrumors 604

    Digital Skunk

    Dec 23, 2006
    In my imagination
    I think it is a great idea... The transfer speeds would kill those transferring large files, but for quick things it would be okay. Given the fact that Leopard is going to have TimeMachine it would work out pretty well for those that don't have a lot of things to back up. They could plug their iPod in and back up to it... the only downside is that you can't loose it or you will loose every piece of info you backed up.

    I hope they do. I really hope apple does... in fact I hope that Apple releases one at the same time (I know it's not going to happen at all) just so I can skip the line of smell people waiting in line now for the iPhone and get a tried, true, tested iPod.

    I don't want it to even look like the iPhone though. Apple has this thing about mimicking a previous lineup's design so I am hoping for a design that is more robust, not thinner, and something that isn't made out of the scratchy smudgy aluminum. It better be fullscreen, and it better have the touch screen UI from the iPhone or something better/more iPodish.

    I heard next week Tuesday.
  13. thejadedmonkey macrumors 604


    May 28, 2005
    Lets face it guys, once they found out that the iPod could become a money-cow, they stopped innovating it. Now that they've moved onto the iPhone I don't see any new innovations coming out for it either. The iPod is dead in Apple's eyes- and I am mad!:mad:

    the iPod was the first Apple product that I got, back in 2001 or so... then a replacement iPod, a mini, and now a Macbook Pro. I told myself that I wouldn't be upgrading my iPod until Apple gives me a reason to, and since the 3rd gen iPods have come out, there's been no reason to.

    Here's what I want:

    • Backlit buttons- c'mon, you had it on the 3rd gen, why'd you take it away? Functionally it's useless, but since when have you engineered without thinking about form?
    • Radio- Is the radio dead? In my area, FM seems to be making a comeback, and lets face it, sometimes I want to hear and experience music I don't own. Otherwise I'd never get to hear gems like Girlfriend:rolleyes:
    • Bluetooth- Most of the time, my updates are small and can easily be achieved via bluetooth in 5 minutes. Why dock when I don't have to?
    • Wireless Charging- Why not? It's completely removed the cable, and it'd make the iPod really darn cool!
    • Firewire- Q. Why get rid of the superior technology? A. Greed.
    • Flash based hard drive- I guess that would be cool.

    C'mon apple, let's see some updates!

    P.S. Don't make it look like the iPhone, it's a music player, not a phone!
  14. Digital Skunk macrumors 604

    Digital Skunk

    Dec 23, 2006
    In my imagination
    I agree with you but wireless charging would be retarded. If it were possible it would be expensive... if it weren't expensive someone would get hurt doing it.

    FM isn't dead yet and I knew someone would want it so they might as well just put it in... I still want satellite radio options though... I plan on getting one by the time I get my updated iPod and iPod HiFi so hooking up my iPod 6G with satellite radio and playing it through my HiFi would be very very welcomed...

    And yes... please don't make it look like the iPhone... i don't want to talk into my iPod unless I am giving it voice commands... don't even put a mic in it unless it can just record my voice.
  15. oedipus macrumors newbie

    Jun 28, 2007
    Wireless charging is not "retarded" this is the internet, if you talk like that in real life, you might be wondering why people have a lack of respect for your thoughts. Guess what? It is possible! ...and it is not expensive. Infact--Apple has a patent on a device they made in 2005 that does exactly what you don't believe "possible." Currently, wireless charging has been introduced to the public within the past month. Here is a new report from infoworld discussing the introduction:
    Second, I would actually enjoy a 6th generation Ipod that looked and functioned the exact same way the Iphone does. The glass most certainly is sleak, and it isn't asking too much for wireless access to the internet.

    Now on to what the could do about the wireless request...Here is one very persuable option to Apple without having to incur the responsiblity of upstart of their own internet connection system. The ipod would come equipped with wireless access but it would not be activated. Apple could leave the Ipod wireless system "unlocked" and could be activated by getting a wireless subscription with any phone service or internet wireless provider. Just leave the ipod with easy ability to be activated, and its no problem at all. A simple card insert with data that the ipod recognizes to activate the wireless and also monitors the useage?

    If that proved successful, this could open up intra-relations with cell phone companies who have shown reluctence to work with Apple. If they could create success off of gaining wireless subscriptions for the ipod (and because this is business receive a cut off of the wireless activation), it would probably allow for greater advertisement (which in business always costs the most money) The cell phone companies would then cross promote Apple's alternative phone from the Iphone and Ipod Gen 6 wireless subscriptions. This will allow for apple to save millions on the potential costs for marketing the gen 6. Apple would save money in the long run which could be used for implementing different projects, or hire more staff to keep the products comming and the innovations expanding.

    Apple needs to realize that not everyone wants to lock into a 2 year agreement with "the new at&t", and shell out rediculous amounts of cash to only be stuck on a second-gen wireless system (Verizon is kicking themselves right at the very moment for turning the Iphone down).

    Last, I'm hoping for atleast a 120 GB ipod. If Apple wants us to buy movies, they ought to be prepared to make a more expensive high end Ipod. Create Ipods for different sectors of the market. I mean go even further to allowing people to deceide from a selection of choices and then they would manufacture a specific Ipod to contend with the needs of individuals. Apple has a real make or break chance to turn the Ipod into not only a music/video player, but a true portable computer that fits right into the palm of your hand and gives you the world at your finger tips.

    If I learned anything from watching that Dave Chapplle skit featuring Wu Tang Financial, its that you need to diversify your bonds bitch. This is the real motha ****in deal!
  16. Digital Skunk macrumors 604

    Digital Skunk

    Dec 23, 2006
    In my imagination
    You make some sense right there in the red section... everything else is bullsh*t. Wireless charging still requires you to connect to something else or plug something else in. The iPod is too small to use resonance charging as per your link so it would most likely get charged through... um... the dock... but may do away the big connectors at the bottom... and that still doesn't make sense because you would be killing off your 3rd party products which is what makes the iPod market so diverse. As per your business statements you have to think about the entire picture... not just want sounds good in your head. (no offense) Then comes the question of how would you charge it on the road.... if you don't have a computer around.... and how you would get the syncing started between you iPod and iTunes? If all of those can be answered by the 'wireless' docking station that still has to be plugged into the computer then nothing has changed from the original dock. Don't say anything about WiFi or Bluetooth. Sending more than 50MB over BlueTooth 2 is crazy let alone a few GB.

    There will never be a subscription to wireless service on the iPod... nothing like what EVDO and 3G is doing for Sprint were laptops can connect to the Internet from anywhere. People are already pissed that they have to pay for the iPhone and expensive Cingular service... why have use pay for the iPod then wireless service... no one would pay for it. Not to mention that Sprint give customers that service already and plenty of people already have their service so why pay for something else that is used through an iPod.

    Most iPod junkies are true music lovers... they don't want some gadget that they have to pay more money for.... or watch ads on. They want to listen to their music. What the market is asking for is better battery life and faster seek --> play times with flash based storage or more storage with new HDDs, not WiMax or 3G or EVDO access. And there is no way Apple can build a report with the cell companies by having them get a 'little' piece of the pie. That business model just goes no where. I mean... advertisement on what... the iPod screen? Who the hell wants that?

    These things you say just aren't Apple's business model... the BTO iPod may take shape but that still isn't what Apple wants to do with the iPod... maybe the MacBook Pro Mini, but not a digital music player to keep them on top, you're going way to far way to fast with this subscription iPod thing... it was made for music and entertainment, not surfing the web and productivity.

    Wireless charging is not "retarded" this is the internet, if you talk like that in real life, you might be wondering why people have a lack of respect for your thoughts

    Who ever said anyone has a lack of respect for my thoughts? I say these things as they are... if it doesn't make sense then it doesn't make sense... If you said this to me in 'real life' I would be wondering my some middle school suburban kid was talking to me about business models and economic/tech market diversity and quoting Dave Chappelle skits about the Wu Tang Clan. Then you go a step further and say that you learned from watching a comedy show ... :confused: Step away from the expensive computer your mom bought you.
  17. oedipus macrumors newbie

    Jun 28, 2007
    First of all, lets clear something up. I am not a "middle school suburban kid." I am actually obtaining my MBA from the University of Texas, so I believe I am certainly qualified to put my two cents down on how to feed the demand for wireless internet access. On top of that, my mother didn't buy my expensive computer, I did with the money I have worked for at my job for the past 3 years. Now that that has been cleared up... I will respond to your comments.

    One, the choice of using the word retarded is a crude attempt at belittling somones idea. I personally find that word offensive, seeing as my cousin is mentally ill and she is one of the kindest people I have met. Sure she can't rationalize on the same level as many other people but that doesn't detract from her self worth as a living being. Try using more appropriate words like "unfeasible." Last I checked wireless systems don't have feelings but other people do and to have disregard for those on the internet is just irresponsible.

    Who cares if you have to plug into a dock? It's still wireless! Not to mention if you read the patent carefully it has the ability to sync up with itunes and to charge wirelessly... since you didn't read the article here is the specific section I am talking about: "An Apple patent submitted in 2005 and published in February describes technology for charging an iPhone or an iPod using zero-contact induction for not only charging but data transfer -- an arrangement that requires inductive coils in both base station and device. Apple's patent covers both single coil (charging only) and two-coil (both data and charging) approaches.

    Optimists speculate that Apple's inductive data-transfer technology might be used for synching, say, songs on an iPod or an iPhone. But pessimists, including Yours Truly, fear the main purpose might be locking out non-Apple products from getting in on the easy charging or preventing users from charging Apple devices on non-Apple chargers. Apple devices may need to give the secret handshake before Apple chargers give up the juice."

    And if you read the last two sentences before this section, MIT came up with a way to remove your petty battery demands altogether within the immediate future. Your determination of true Ipod "Junkies" is a gross under-estimate of the true market for Ipod. First off if you want to keep the Ipod in the Cash cow sector sure don't **** with it anymore, if you want to increase it's life cycle then make the move to wireless, and the move to customization. That would move the ipod out of cash cow and back into a shing star which anyone who payed attention in marketing class could tell you.

    I know from conducting a survey for a business proposal I had to write for one of my classes last semester that out of 200 people I called at random, there was over 50% of people who would pay to have their ipod work as an internet device. Which is why I proposed in my class to have Ipod create a wireless device inside of the ipod (which could be very easily done). There are numerous ways to implement such a plan, such as you said with the example of Sprint, just make the device have the ability to be hook up to the internet and give it to the people for free if they already are paying for internet access on some other device (I mean its just one of many solutions). BTW, my professor who worked in high posistions for several major fortune 500 companies said I had one of the most creative and executable ideas he had seen in the past 5 years. Which is probably why I made an A in his course.

    I agree with you that the ipod was built for "entertainment purposes," which is why I had one since the days of the gen 2. However, what I am trying to hint at is more or less the ability to turn the ipod from a simple entertainment device into a multi-functioning internet ready device, that comes with a variety of options for individual needs. Not every ipod would have to come equipped with an internet ready option, but to say there is no market for such a device is sheer ignorance.

    Actually I believe my ideas are exactly what the Apple business model are or used to be at any rate. Taking unthinkable but realistic concepts and turning them into a well designed product. That's why Apple is successful again, because Steve grabs the bull by the balls and doesn't let go untill he can rub it in Gate's face.

    All and all great discussion, I quoted Dave Chappelle to add a bit of humor into it... Because even though it might be Wu Tang
  18. Digital Skunk macrumors 604

    Digital Skunk

    Dec 23, 2006
    In my imagination
    Okay okay... sorry about the rant.... I don't think retarded is a negative word so I can't say that I am sorry for that... I didn't mean to belittle your argument by saying it was though and I do apologize for that. I did read the article and it does sound nice but I don't think it will be in the 6G iPod. When wireless transfers get above USB2 speeds then we will see it happen... but it won't be used for the mere convenience of having no wires connected between your iPod and computer.

    And having an iPod PDA type device is what most people did want before the iPhone... now that that blasted phone is out I don't think Apple will cross paths with a very controversial device... i.e. an iPhone without the phone capabilities... then telling everyone that it has 3G/EVDO on it and that you have to pay (most likely AT&T) to activate it. It just doesn't sit to well with me... and I am very accepting of a lot of things Jobs does.

    Apple does make breakthrough tech that many markets aren't ready for and plenty of times merges markets together but making the iPod into an internet device that still has plenty of audiophile things missing, and not giving others that 12" MacBook Pro that they want is slightly skewed. I am going out on a limb here by saying that I think Apple may/should give us an iPod with WiFi, similar functions and UI as the iPhone, bigger storage, better battery life, FM tuner (for the whiners) and so forth. Then give those Ultra Mobile Mac users a 10"/12" widescreen super light weight flash based super long life battery MacBook.

    I do like the idea you gave about BTO iPods though.... I think that is something I will think about some more..

    Just to make it clear... I do apologize for the ranting... I do find it hard to find actual educated person on this site that can contribute ideas about the tech industry... the wireless charging method that we have now, just may not cut it in data transfer... that will lead us back to connecting our Pods to the computer anyway. But I can't wait for them to come out in cell phones.
  19. The_Man macrumors 6502


    Jun 10, 2005
    University of Texas? C'mon, it's not that credible.

    And with a name like Oedipus, you are setting yourself up for some crude jokes.
  20. Shotgun OS macrumors 6502a

    Dec 18, 2006
    This thread is totally out of control. :rolleyes:

    In the 6th Gen, I want:

    -Aluminum casing, like on the iPod Nano. I hate using cases.
    -Full-screen. It's been hyped so much I expect it.
    -Touch screen controls. If this happens, I expect a touch screen click wheel and a QWERTY keyboard.
    -Bigger HD space.

    Thats all I can really hope for.
  21. DeeGee48 macrumors regular


    Jun 28, 2007
    Havertown, Pa
    6th Gen iPod Form Factor

    Good ideas here, guys. Yes, at least 12OGB and Stereo Bluetooth should be standard. And yes, I'd LOVE Sirius/XM too!! And naturally, it must have the optical-glass touch screen, Cover Flow and so on.

    Beyond this, the 6th Gen should definately be video-centric. And THAT brings up my real "want" for it: a Cinemascope 2.40 to 1 aspect ratio screen! They could call the thing the "iPod Palm Theatre" or something. And with at least 120GB's it would hold plenty of movies---AND music. This screen ratio is EASY to achieve: just take a current 5GB iPod, turn it on it's side, lengthen the case by approximately 1 and 3/8 inches, and extend the screen---at the same set-back from the edge as on the 5G---across the whole face. Viola! You now have a full 'Scope aspect ratio of 2.40 to 1! All movies, TV shows, videos, etc would play in "constant height" mode with black pillars on the sides if less than 2.40/1. You'd see EVERYTHING as originally made with NO CROPPING! This device would only be slightly longer than an iPhone and way-smaller than a PSP. VERY DO-ABLE, Apple! We WANT it!!

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