7 Days with the iPhone 6 Plus

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by mashinhead, Sep 19, 2014.

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    I was curious what people's impressions would be of the 6 Plus today vs using it for one week. I thought it would be interesting to see people's thoughts. This isn't intended to start a fight. Or to polarize. Just sort of a little experiment.

    The idea is this: If you have an iPhone Plus, write what you feel about when you get it. This should be intuitive, from the gut, stream of consciousness. Completely honest. It's not meant to defend your purchase, or ridicule others. Just your gut reaction to the phone and initially handling it. Since there are so many little details and instances that you could never experience or respond to without using it everyday they way you did your 5S or whatever phone you used before. There is no real way to have an honest reaction to it.

    After writing your review. Return to this thread exactly 7 days after writing your initial post. Edit your original post and include a second review below your initial review so people can read both back to back and see how your thoughts or opinions changed, or didn't change over the course of a week. Or just how things you never considered came up, and how the plus faired in those situations.

    If it catches on it would be great if the mods could make this thread a sticky.
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