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    I haven't seen anything in the forums for this particular case (other than a mention or two in passing), so....I thought I'd give a little review for anyone who may be interested. I have another case for use around the house but needed something more rugged for work. I work in a somewhat punishing environment for electronics and have the pelican voyager for my Note 4, I have enjoyed that case so decided to give it a try on my new 7+. I ordered this case yesterday via Amazon and it will be delivered tomorrow. I will update this thread with a review and pics as soon as it's in my hands. I realize alot of folks prefer a less bulky case but some of us NEED this. Here is a pic of the case. It comes in several colors. If you are interested check back tomorrow for my review. If any of you have this case currently, please share your experiences and thoughts for us.

    Ok, I've spent a little time with this case and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I LOVED this case on my Note 4, can't say that this time. It's not bc this isn't a decent case bc it is....seem very protective. I don't know if I'm going to keep it....I need a protective case for work but after 2 days with the minimal case then using this pelican it feels like a brick in my hand. Anyway.....I'll give a bit of a review for those that want it.
    As I said it looks super protective and comes with a lifetime guarantee. It also has a holster which can be very convenient at times. Holster is storing and substantial. The holster also doubles as a kickstand....nice feature. It works well with my glass screen protector, doesn't interfere an any way. The clear back is a nice touch for showing off the phone color. There are a few places that don't seem to line up well as u can see in the pics below....this isn't a biggie and doesn't affect the integrity of the case at all. May keep it to use at work or may return and wait for the lifeproof for some protection against liquids/chemicals. Here are a few pics of the case installed.
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    I got this case for my wife's new iphone 7 and wound up taking it back for 2 reasons:

    1. the lip round the front face made swiping from the edge very difficult. She has small fingers and still had an issue.
    2. the flap that covers the power was somewhat a hassle to open and close repeatedly throughout the day. Most of the time the flap would not be snapped in place very well and it would just somewhat hang there.
    We replaced it with the Adventurer or Voyager and she has been pleased so far. Most (if not all) Pelican cases seem to be very sturdy and have high mil spec ratings for drops.
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    I've added a short review and pics to the OP.
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    Ok....so, I bought this thing knowing it is tough to remove once on but DAMN.... I had to completely destroy it to get my phone back. Waste of 60 bucks, going to try and return. So, be warned this thing takes your phone hostage!!

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