7 Plus Bluetooth issues. Embarrassing

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Macs4u, Mar 13, 2017.

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    I have issues with my 7 Plus 256gb. I was at a party last night and the chap had a bluetooth Sony speaker that he had connected to his Google Pixel XL and sounded brilliant. I tried connecting mine and wouldn't even see it. I tried searching for his phone and my wife's phone on bluetooth and nothing. They could all connect and see each other and connect to the speaker if they wanted. I got my phone home today and did a restore in iTunes , totally wiped it and connected it to my bluetooth headphones , connected fine. tried searching for my wife android phone , and nothing. tried connecting to another bluetooth speaker that my wife can and still nothing. How can a £1000 phone be so bad and embarrassing that I can't even connect to a bluetooth speaker??

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    It is possible that there is a hardware / software problem with your phone, that is preventing your phone from seeing and connecting. Consider a trip to the Genius Bar.

    The iPhone isn't perfect. I see nothing to be embarrassed about. You didn't design or build it. You had nothing to do with it coming to market.
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    maybe a stupid question, but are you putting the devices you want to connect to into search mode?
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    I'm assuming since GBP it's the intel gsm model?

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