7 Times faster than what??? Post-it-notes??


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Oct 12, 2016
After OS3 update, so often now when I lift my wrist, the watch seems like forever to wake.

Many many times I thought maybe I wasn't lifting my wrist as much etc (even though used to it after a year so seems unlikely I would be doing it different). I also then try pressing the screen and many times seems like wont wake, and keep trying to press the screen.. but turns out it is just lag!

Often takes a couple of seconds before screen turns on at all now, which before, in the same couple of seconds you could lift, see the notification, read it, and drop your wrist, difference is NIGHT AND DAY!

It is most often noticeable when an app is active, meaning it wakes to the active app, not the watch face.

The dock is choppy and painful. Often when I press the Dock Button, it shows, and then it pauses while the screenshot of the app being showed in the Dock refreshes. When you try to swipe over to other apps, it doesn't work at first and is frozen for a couple seconds, then I can finally swipe over. Very unnatural and ANNOYING!

Replying to messages *****. When you scroll down to see the canned replies, the watch freezes for a few seconds, then it shoots down the list really fast (catching up to user input).

Scribble is slow! Tapping the button at first appears to do nothing. If you look close, after you tap, two seconds later you can see the little fade in the button showing the delayed response to just the tap of the button itself. then it takes several more seconds to show. NOT VERY SMOOTH!

Music app is SLOW TO RESPOND! Before update it was very responsive. Now you have to get used to the large delay when skipping a track. Basically you tap Next, and the old song keeps playing for a bit. Then you tap the Next again assuming you missed the button the first time, then when it catches up it does the 2 skips. Now I know it will not respond right away, so I press the button and then wait for it to skip.

Also, the details showing in the music app are often wrong (old). Most times I open the Music app, it is showing some previous title on the screen, and then eventually refreshes, just as if I skip, once tapping Next, there is a noticeable delay in track change, then another noticeable delay in the title showing on the screen.

Before update, the tack change would be pretty much instant, and the title on the screen would reflect the same. I could previously keep tapping Next, and was able to "flip" through the tracks very smoothly and quickly, now it is tedious, with a "Tap-n-Wait" game for every track!!

CNN app now seems slower. This was not always that fast anyway, but now if I hit the complication from the face, it will open CNN, and for the longest time everything shows as "label", "label", "label", literally where every title and article is suppose to show. By the time it loads you are already tired of waiting and the arm is already back down.

Switching Watch Faces by swiping left and right is SO PAINFUL, and not practical! Once you swipe one screen, it will hang while that screen loads everything, making it not possible to keep swiping. So basically if you are not wanting the very next face over, then you will have to Swipe-n-Wait, then after it loads, you can swipe again. It is ESPECIALLY painful when swiping across an animated face. (You have enough time to swipe your finger 4-5 times that get ignored before that watch face loads enough to let you continue to the next one.

Thanks Apple for (yet again) release an updating which lies about making existing hardware faster, but is actually an attempt to ruin the older model so people who once enjoyed it are now forced to buy more to keep enjoying it, or put up with the pain!

All in all, there is a little increase in speed in some very select places, but overall the Watch took a MAJOR PERFORMANCE HIT, and while that one app you have open in memory (docked) might seem a little faster than before, using the watch in general has suffered greatly!!!!

Overall experience now is much slower and annoying, and an app opening faster here and there does not seems like a fair trade for whats now a slow, laggy device!


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Jun 21, 2013
Have you tried rebooting both devices? If that doesn't improve performance, unpair and repair your Watch.
I agree with this suggestion. Under 3.0 my Watch Series 0 was considerably faster than under 2.x. Was it as instantaneous as Apple claimed? No. But much better than before. 3.1 makes things better, I think, and is not as hard on the battery.

Also, remember, that not all apps have been updated to take advantage of the dock and other enhancements. So you may have an app that is consuming a disproportionate share of CPU cycles. Or you may have some corruption that the re-pairing will hopefully fix.


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Sep 22, 2012
Andover, UK
I experienced none of the issues that the OP has when I had my Series 0 on watch OS 3 later betas or GM. As others have said, an un-pair and re-pair should be a standard diagnostic activity for those experiencing issues.


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Jun 26, 2006
I experienced none of the issues that the OP has when I had my Series 0 on watch OS 3 later betas or GM. As others have said, an un-pair and re-pair should be a standard diagnostic activity for those experiencing issues.
I agree. Never experienced these issues.