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    Celebrating 7 years of iPhone. I remember when I switched from carrying a cellphone + palm pilot + iPod to one unified device, when there was no app store or the ability to customize my home screen with folders and pages, when there was no GPS for interactive maps, when there was no WiFi syncing, when there was no iMessage (and I hoped Adium would let me use all my chat protocols in one place), before iMessage unified all chat platforms into one seamless system, before iCloud pushed all my content between devices, before I could literally have a conversation with my phone ("Hey Siri"), before I could use my fingerprint to login and authorize purchases. I remember that I loved my top-of-the-line powerbook with a weaker processor and lower resolution screen than my iPhone 6 + has today. Is it the best technology on the planet? No, but it's the best execution on the planet. And I am grateful for how far that technology has come in the last 7 years.

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    It's been a great ride. Can't wait for my 6+ to get here.

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