70000 iPhones sold in Germany so far

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by juanm, Jan 26, 2008.

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    Anytime companies bury news --- by a "internal email" leaking to the newspaper media on a Saturday (when the regular beat newspaper reporters have the weekend off and when the T-Mobile spokeperson is not available) --- you know the news is very very very bad.
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    Those are by far the weakest numbers yet. UK sold 190.000 in about the same time and France sold 70.000 in far less time. In terms of population and income Germany is the biggest of the three (by a small margin). Also recall that 10.000 of those 70.000 were sold on the very first day. And only half of the 70.000 are new customers to T-Mobile (which already has over 30 million subscribers).

    No matter how T-Mobile tries to spin it, this is not good news. It's also bad news for Apple, as providers in countries where they have yet to enter will not be very eager to do much "revenue sharing", given the weak European numbers.
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    Apparently the novelty of the iPhone is enough to get people to come in to the shop, play around, and then buy a Nokia N95. The increased footfall is enough for the cariers.
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    The iPhone has been great for all manufacturers. It has brought touchscreen smartphones into the news and made them popular.

    Look at the HTC Touch. Two million sold in the same amount of time, without hype, ads or the Jobs RDF to protect it :)

    It is even kicking Microsoft into finally doing some touch friendly updates to Windows Mobile, whereas before they were definitely mostly leaning towards keypad/keyboard.
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    I know it's extremely not politically correct --- but it would be much cheaper for the carriers to have strippers dancing inside their shops to attract foot traffic than to pay for Apple's exclusive contract.
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    I would think that Apple would lower the price in europe if the sales slow down. The price drop in the US after a short time seemed to help so why not do the same thing in europe. By now the cost of production is probably lower and most revenue probably comes from the revenue sharing so it makes sense to lower the price of entry for consumers in my opinion.
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    The price drop only had a short term help to AT&T's activations.

    AT&T's activation was 900K in Q3 and 900K in the christmas Q4. You know that there is a problem when sales stalled in the busy christmas quarter.
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    the iphone and T-com is a huge disappointment...
    first it sure is too expensive...
    second the contracts are really customer unfriendly and also too expensive.
    not really the way to get new customers (and I guess many have imported iphones also)

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