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Apr 12, 2001

The Unicode Consortium recently approved 72 new emoji for inclusion in Unicode 9, set to be released on June 21. New emoji range from expanded smileys and people to new animals, food, and sports.

Notable smileys include rolling on the floor laughing, drooling face, and nauseated face, while the people/body category gains shrug, selfie, and face palm. New animal emoji include gorilla, fox face, deer, shark, and owl, and some of the new foods include avocado, potato, croissant, pancakes, salad, and bacon.

There are a line of new medals, objects like a scooter and a canoe, and emoji to represent boxing gloves, martial arts uniforms, wrestlers, fencing, juggling, and more. Emojipedia has shared mockups and a full list of upcoming emoji.


The emoji above serve as simple mockups and are not representative of what the actual emoji will look like on various devices, but Emojipedia has created them in the Apple style. Apple and Google's designers will actually custom design emoji based on the Unicode Consortium's guidelines for each character, crafting them to fit in with existing emoji.

Though the Unicode Consortium is releasing Unicode 9 on June 21, the new emoji will not be available on iOS and Mac devices until Apple implements support for them, which can sometimes take several months. Apple currently supports Unicode 8, which introduced emoji like taco, burrito, unicorn face, and popcorn, along with emoji skin tone modifiers.

With the release of Unicode 9 on the horizon, the Unicode Consortium has already begun considering candidates for Unicode 10, with dumpling, takeout box, fortune cookie, orange heart, sled, and more under consideration.

Article Link: 72 New Emoji Including Bacon, Shrug, Selfie and Face Palm Coming in Unicode 9


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Jan 14, 2006
I wish I could favorite certain emoji. And I know there is a "recent" emoji area, but the minute my four year old sends herself one giant random heap of emoji from my phone, I have to go find them all again.

I want to actually select emoji that STAY in that area.


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Jan 20, 2009
Wait, I take back my sarcastic-pretending-to-be-enthusiastic reply. THEY HAVE BACON! FINALLY!
It really is absurdly long overdue, even IF there are 100 other things I would rather see happen in the tech sector.
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