720p @60fps and 1080p @24/30fps?

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by nateo200, Aug 12, 2011.

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    Ok so I've got my canon T2i and I love the thing. Its everything I need and MORE! Its really a beautiful camera. Anyways its primary use is video (despite me taking some thousands of still photos already :D what can I say I'm addicted :D :D). I love shooting 720p at 60fps because you can catch every piece of movement even when your jumping around like an idiot without a tripod or better yet tripping over your tripod :D :D 720 is more than enough for allot of the displays I will be using but I looked at it on a 55inch today and on my 46" at home and then on my friends 27" iMac and it looked meh...I mean that's to be expected. SO I tried some 1080p at 24fps and it looked great but was much slower obviously when it came to fast stuff. Well today I did allot of filming and I did allot of mixing of 720p @60fps and 1080p at 24fps...how does this effect the end quality of my videos? I mixed them in iMovie (which btw needs to get native support for 60fps!!!) and when I exported them and used media info to check the stats I got a funy resolution of 1888x1062....weird...The picture quality looks decent but not what I would have expected based on other content that I record in all 720 or all 1080..I did export it as 1080 though so that is the obvious issue. How do you guys handle this? Ideally I would like the option to shoot 1080i @ 60fps so I could do all 1080p 24fps with some 1080i 60fps for fast scenes but oh well. Do you guys have any guidelines for when to use which setting other than fast frame rates for fast stuff and 24fps for cinematic looks? Also any advice on mixing different resolution stuff together?
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    from experience (I'm not too experienced), I'd keep it all at a constant quality. I've gotten some pretty disappointing outcomes with different quality scenes

    yeah, so I'd reduce you're 1080p 24fps film to 720p 60 fps if you could. OR refilm the 720p into 1080 with a steadier hand/tripod

    i guess it all depends on the situation & video that you've got.
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    different frame rates will be extremely noticeable, so if you do have to use different rates have a good reason to do so. as for which one to use it will depend on your project and the look/feel you are trying to convey.

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