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    Jun 14, 2006
    I was wondering, if I were to buy a Mac Pro with one 7300GT graphics card installed, would I be able to buy 1, 2, or 3 more 7300GTs as an upgrade (and get a gaming performance boost)? I was wondering if they were just for added monitor support or if there was some performance enahancement. If the cards do work together like SLi, could I use a X1900XT and buy a 7300 or two (or 3) as an upgrade? Do you think 4 7300s would compare to a X1900?:confused:
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    May 23, 2006
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    SLI doesn't work in Mac OS X, but someone got it to work in Windows with a hack. The only advantage of buying more 7300GT according to Apple is for additional display.
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    Jun 14, 2006
    Darn! That would be pretty cool if it did work. But then why does Apple brag that you can use two 4500s? You've gotta be insane to use 2 $1,700 cards just for monitors. I really wish Apple offered the X1950XT for a gaming card, an X1900GT for midrange, a 5500 for workstation, and either an X1650 Pro or an 6800XT as a standard card. Apple also messed up with the iMac, as they should've implemented an X1650 in the 24 inch somehow. I think this is how it should be:

    Mac Pro:
    X1650 Pro

    The 7300 in the iMac is an outrage. All the iMacs should stay the same, but the 24 inch needs an X1650 as BTO or standard. The iMac should be conroe! Apple stuffed a friggin G5 in the thing, so why not?

    Mac Mini:
    I think they could put in a 64 MB 7300 as standard and a 128 MB X1300 with the high end model.

    Macbook Pro:
    In the Merom models, the 15" should stay the same, but the 17" should get an X1800 card.

    the GMA 950 is fine for the sake of battery life, but if the unlikely rumors that there is a 15 inch Macbook as the high-end model are true, then there should be some kind of card in that better than the '950. I wonder if putting some old 9xxx series cards in the Macbooks would do any good.

    I have no idea what these would do to the price, but i believe they're the right cards.

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