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    What is the difference between a 7447A and a 7447B. I can't seem to find any datasheets for the 7447B. Was it a separate chip or just an overclocked 7447A?
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    Yes, based on googling 7447 was generally maxed out at 1.33GHz, 7447A improved to 1.5GHz and 7447B is what Apple used later Powerbooks which had 1.67GHz processor, probably there were some downclocked or "not maxed out" CPU's in use as well.

    But, I think Motorola just improved the chip manufacturing slowly and gave new names.
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    According to the Freescale datasheet, the only technical additions from 7447 to 7447A are the addition of dynamic frequency switching and a thermal diode. I cannot find any reference to any difference for the 7447B, probably just a stepping update with no actual change. (I do find more part numbers for higher-frequency B parts than A parts: http://cache.freescale.com/files/shared/doc/pcn/PCN11161.htm)
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    That's what I've found as well, when I was searching info about differences between these two 7455 versions.

    BTW, nice to see you here again bizzle.
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    I typically only post to put people in their place. I post occasionally on OCN under the name "Xylene". My interest in PC hardware is much greater than Macs, even though by profession I'm an ACMT. I was actually just named one of the top 20 ACMT's in the AASP program in the USA by Apple Field Service and in the top 5 in my region. I got a nice handle written card from them and a keychain.


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