75W vs 60W Magsafe Power Adapter

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by g-boac, Aug 27, 2008.

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    Question - I have both a MacBook (personal) and MacBook Pro (work; provided by NASA). The MacBook has a 60W Magsafe Power Adapter; the MacBook Pro has a 75W power adapter. I am going on international travel for several weeks, do I need to bring both adapters with me?

    Would there be any problems caused by using a higher-power (75W) power adapter to charge a MacBook or vice versa?

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    I recently noticed in the comments posted for the 60W adapter on the Apple store a guy mentioning that the larger one works fine on a MB and may actually be better since the power draw is farther from the max capacity of the Magsafe. He was recommending that people just buy the larger one since they are the same price on the Apple online store, so it would appear to be just fine.

    Edit: Don't plan to carry the 60W to charge the MB Pro though as I noticed you mentioned. Just carry the MB Pro one.
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    You work for NASA and can't answer this question? We are in trouble.
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    A little mean, but true. Maybe the OP was just trying to be careful and not fry a notebook by accident?
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    Yes, the 75w charger will work for both macbooks.
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    It's actually an 85W adapter, and it is capable of outputting the 60W necessary for the Macbook (it's either 18.5 V / 4.6 A 16.5 V / 3.6 A- look on the bottom of the MBP adapter). It will also be fine in foreign countries as long as they're under 240 VAC and either 50 or 60 Hz (I can't imagine you're going to a place where this wouldn't be the case). You will, however, need a plug adapter or a cord you can plug in like this.
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    You can use them interchangeably on either machine.

    The 60w will not charge the MacBook Pro while you are using it. But will charge it with no problem if you're going to sleep it or charge it whilst off.

    If the Pro is COMPLETELY dead the 60w may not work.

    By the way, the Pro's adapter is 85w, not 75w.

    Edit: HA he beat me by 1 minute.
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    Better to ask the question. Seems like that's an improvement... ;)

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