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Sep 6, 2012
On a soundwave in Canada

I'm wondering where to get info on flashing my Zotac GTX 780ti OC 3GB card with an EFI (which I hope also helps performance under win7 64bit). The card runs "fine" in 10.10.5 and performance is good in windows 7 64bit; but I am looking for more performance and better control of my system. I am running a 2012 Mac Pro 12 core @ 3.33Ghz 24GB RAM with OSX 10.10.5 and Windows 7 64bit.

Thanks for your time and consideration!



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Apr 17, 2016
The Planet Earth
From what i understand all the EFI is gonna give you is a bootscreen no better performance. Now someone can correct me if i'm wrong, but thats as far as i know. I would like to say thats a awesome machine you have their :):apple:


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Apr 3, 2014
Hong Kong
AFAIK, EFI for 780Ti will enable PCIe 2.0, so technically, it may improve the real world performance a little bit. If something really need the bandwidth, it may improve a lot.

Anyway, the only way I know to make this card has Mac EFI is by sending this card to MVC and pay for it. No other way.
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