7th Gen 160GB Classic (thin) battery replacement drains in real time it seems

Discussion in 'iPod' started by fluidedge, Sep 10, 2015.

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    Nov 1, 2007

    I've recently replaced the battery on a 7th Gen 160GB classic after stupidly leaving it out in a rain storm overnight after a party - luckily replacing the battery seems to have been all that was needed - HDD and logic board and LCD screen all seem OK. Every day however when I go to use it it's completely drained of battery power. I've played perhaps 1-2 albums worth of music the day before, switch it off with >90% battery left and in the morning when I want to use it again the battery is dead. It's as if the battery is just constantly draining battery all the time overnight as if it were playing (i'm sure it's not) even when locked and switched off giving about 12-15 hours as expected I suppose.

    Has this happened to anyone else following a battery replacement? Any ideas what I can do - I'm wondering about a factory reset and reinstall of the firmware? Maybe there's something there that's incorrectly reporting an empty battery (recharge is pretty quick). I would install Rockbox but it's not trivial/properly supported for the Classic 7th gen and I don't want to brick it, plus it seems there's no OS X install route (I have Linux dual boot on my mac mini so could do it that way but would OS X be able to recognize the iPod after rockbox is put on?

    Any ideas appreciated. I don't think I have a bad battery as when it's in use it works well, I get the feeling something else in the iPod is draining it but the disk isn't spinning all night i'm sure of that.
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    Aug 27, 2010
    The liquid damage could be causing a steady short
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    I would try another battery, if that don't fix it it sounds like the logic board got damaged.
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    OK thanks, I've tried a refresh of the ipod from factory default and run the battery down from 'full' without stopping in the hope that it's a kind of calibration type thing, now the battery has been through one whole charge cycle and recharged from completely empty it might do the trick.

    A slow steady short does sound likely though i'm afraid. It's the not the end of the world though, just needs some planning/recharging.
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    Nov 1, 2007
    Just some good news on this for anyone reading this at a later date - I needed to reseat the battery cable carefully. Looks like I didn't quite get the ribbon attached correctly causing a slow short I think. I redid it last night and this morning the battery has held 100% of charge. Fingers crossed.

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