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Discussion in 'iPod' started by ajohansson, Dec 26, 2012.

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    Dec 5, 2011
    I have searched a bunch but still have questions.

    Got an iPod classic to put the kids movies on for the car. This will be used to play videos on the car video system.

    Hooked it up to itunes which has all the movies I have ripped to apple tv 2 settings and purchases made over the years and then selected all the kids movies. The result was that I got an error on like 90% of them saying it could not be uploaded to the classic because it does not support the format.

    So I figured I must now go back in and create ipod versions of those videos the classic would not take. I started to try and find a reason why it would not take it. I figured it was because of resolution as the apple site says max resolution is 640 x 480 but some of the videos it did accept were 853x480 which has got me really confused. Could there be another reason beyond the resolution? I started converting a few through itunes and handbrake but before I waste anymore time I want to make sure it isnt something else thats causing the ipod classic not to upload the videos. Here are some examples.

    Adventures of Tintin - 16:9 853 x 368 ripped from DVD to Apple TV 2 settings would not upload. Converted in itunes to 16:9 640 x 276 now it works

    How to train you dragon - 16:9 853 x362 purchased from itunes uploaded fine.

    Polar Express - 16:9 834 x 352 ripped from DVD to Apple TV 2 settings uploaded fine.

    White Xmas - 4:3 853 x 480 purchased from itunes loaded fine.

    Cars - 4:3 642 x 480 ripped from DVD to Apple TV 2 settings would not upload.

    Pollyana - 4:3 832 x 470 purchased from iTunes works fine.

    Barbie - 4:3 640 X 480 ripped from DVD to apple TV 2 settings would not work.

    I am not a video wizard but it would seem that this is not consistent when comparing the resolution. Any help in schooling me on this would be appreciated.



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