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iPhone 8.4 problems...

aPple nErd

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Feb 12, 2012
Jailbreaks/IOS Hacks
so i jailbroke my iPad 3rd gen on 8.4 no problem. when it came to my iPhone 6,i just cant get it to finish. Everything goes normal until it gets to 40% and then it goes into a loop of:

2.Data Processing
3.Waiting for processing result

Whats wrong? i've tried it at least 10 times today... i should have just stayed on 8.3...

also, im running it in vm and i have the old version of itunes that worked with the origional taig 2.


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Mar 5, 2010
try using the new version of itunes for the iphone 6.

if that doesn't work search reddit iosjailbreak. You'll get better answers there.
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