Other 8+ to Xs? On the fence...


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Sep 18, 2013
Hi! Can you all help me out here? I'm on the fence about getting the Xs. I purchased my 8+ last year (on launch day), so it's still relatively new and in excellent condition, with AppleCare+ even. I just didn't expect Apple to pull out a "s" model this year, I typically always buy the "s" model, so i'm a bit on the cusp.

Here's why I want the Xs:
-Memoji (although I've heard/read mixed reviews - some say it's gimmicky)
-Better, sleek 'figure'
-Better front-facing camera
-Space grey color vs my 8+ white (which is getting tiresome to look at)

Here's why I'm hesitating:
-Price point (64gb, $1000)
-Worse battery life vs. my 8+ going to a Xs (shaving off 1-2 hours, look up the Apple comparison tool online)
-Going down to a non-Plus size may be an adjustment (although prior to the 8+, I had a 6s, non-plus)

My current 8+ is 64gb as well, and it's only halfway full (thanks to iCloud). It's currently showing as worth $400 for the trade-in, but I dunno.

Thoughts? I wish I waited last year and put up one more year with my 6s :( I know, I know... #firstworldproblems.


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Jul 7, 2010
I came from 8+ 256 gb and now I have Xs 256 gb. I’m loving every moment and face ID rocks!


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Apr 1, 2018
I had went from plus phones to the x. Now have the xs max. The x size was alright for me. Definitely nice if you can’t have 2 hands at all times. But for me it wasn’t enough. It lasted me the year until the max came out, but left me missing the screen size of the plus phones. The max is a dream come true. I love everything about this phone. It’s exactly what I wanted. A plus sized phone, with minimal to no bezels.
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