8000 Old Emails to Store - Can I upload to Me?

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  1. Glasshock macrumors newbie

    Apr 30, 2010
    Hello everybody, I'm new! :D

    I'm also at the end of my patience :confused:

    I have 8000 old emails + attachments to store somewhere and what better place than Mobileme I thought....
    I pulled them from outlook (PC) and converted them to Mbox format.
    I then needed to get them onto Mobileme......so ....I imported into Mac Mail and then dragged and dropped them into the appropriate 'Me' folder...
    Great I think, all these mails are stored in my 'cloud' on Apples server and not taking up space on my Macbook. I then noted that even when I turned off Mobileme, the email was still available to read. 14GB had also been munched from my hard drive!
    I deleted the mail in the library and it disappeared from Mac Mail and mobile me.....
    So ... now I'm left with MBOX mails that I really need to view and track back on..... is the only option with Apple that I must store these files on iDisc then load them whenever I need them?
    Is there a solution to getting them on mobile me only without taking up disc space on my HD?
    Also before uploading the mail to Mobileme...i have 19GB from 20GB to play with ....now, even though I deleted the files on my Mac and they have vanished from mobileme mail ......I note that I now only have 10GB left!!
    Is there a better solution for me? Gmail?
    Any advice would be much appreciated ......I'm just an layman user and new to the forum so please be gentle....

  2. patrickUK macrumors newbie

    May 1, 2010
    If you go into Preferences in Mail, then Accounts
    Select the ME account and click on the Advanced tab
    There is a drop down box for "Keep copies of messages for offline viewing"
    Select which option you would prefer.
    There is one that says don't store messages.
  3. Glasshock thread starter macrumors newbie

    Apr 30, 2010
    Just looking into this

    I'm just attempting this again.......if your right and nothing is left on my server..... You are a star :) ....& I've just waisted 2 days :(

    Thanks in advance.

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