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Discussion in 'macOS' started by hotrod351, Jan 15, 2008.

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    i have a western digital 80g hard drive i installed a month agog, works great but now i noticed that when i click on it and go to get info it says its only a 32g with 19 used and 13 available. i went to disk utility and it says its a 74g and i also verified permissions, also disk utility says its a 74g. when i open the activity monitor it says its only a 32g. i checked to see if i had some how partitioned it but nothing. what am i missing.
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    Did you by any chance format it in PC (FAT) format? If so, it's possible it's in the wrong FAT flavor and as such is limited to 32GB.

    If this is what happened, you'd probably want to reformat it (if you don't use it with Windows, as HFS+, if you do as FAT32). If not, no suggestions.

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