iPod 80GB iPod with the Contour Showcase!


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Sep 4, 2003
Just thought I should post my recommendation for the Contour Showcase. I've upgraded to the 5th gen 80 gig iPod that arrived a few days ago. As soon as it came out of the box, I put it straight into the Showcase, never to be removed. Poor little bugga. :p

I have the older showcase on my iPod Photo which is still like new. The back plate is so shiny and untouched. The showcase keeps sand/grit/dust out because it's so form fitting. The see-through plastic front meets the face of the iPod so well, nothing can slip down along the scroll wheel cut out or the headphone port & hold switch cut outs at the top.

This is what I really like about the showcase compared to other cases, especially skins. You have no need to worry about the iPod once it's in the case. And it's one of the toughest there is.

The only weakness I can think of is that they tend to scratch up easily themselves, although nothing like a bare naked iPod on its own, especially the newer ones. Rather it than the iPod.

Anyways, pretty boring post. Just thought I should share my love for the Showcase. :p

Excuse the poor quality of the pics, they're from my mobile phone.

Check out how thin the 80 gig is compared to the 60 gig iPod Photo! :eek:



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Sep 1, 2004
Rowley, MA
abeyk said:
adds to much bulk
All cases add bulk.

I got the Showcase too because I like how easy it is to take the iPod out and put back in without the iPod sliding against anything abrasive. Also, I feel like it offers better protection from impacts if I should ever drop it.

Tom B.

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Mar 22, 2006
I have the Contour Showcase for my 30GB 5G and it is definetly one of the best iPod cases ever. It does scratch fairly easily, though. I may buy another one sometime, because about a third of the rubber hinge has torn. This is not somthing that has naturally happend, it was done by a friend accidentally puting my iPod in backwards, twice! So, at the moment I am using a Contour iSee which is also excellent, but does not offer the same amount of drop protection.