85% of Mac owners have Windows too

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    I did a search and couldn't find this posted anywhere on the forum. So feel free to delete if its hidden somewhere else :)


    The vast majority — 85% — also own at least one PC running Microsoft (MSFT) Windows.

    In fact, 66% of Mac households own three or more computers, according to NPD, compared with 29% of Windows households. This probably means that Mac users know more about Windows than Windows users know about Macs.

    More than 2,300 NPD panelists completed the survey. Among its other findings:

    -Mac owners are richer. 36% have household incomes greater than $100,000, compared with 21% of all U.S. consumers.
    -Mac households are more mobile. 72% own a notebook computer, compared with 50% of Windows PC households.
    -Mac users have more iPods. 63% own an iPod, compared with 36% of all computer-owning households
    -Nearly 50% of Mac households own some kind of electronic navigation system, compared with 30% of all computer-owning households.
    -In general, Mac users own a lot more gadgets. The average Apple household owns 48 consumer electronic devices, compared with an average of 24 in all computer-owning households. (See chart below.)


    I can't vouch for the accuracy of the survey or the source. Take from it what you will :)
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    Its on the front page of macrumors but it was definitely interesting. I personally have both also.
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    my bookmark is set to the forum, that's how I missed it :eek:

    Go ahead and delete mods. :)

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