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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by im-loving-it, Apr 10, 2013.

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    got a macbook pro 2008 and looking for a charger, its £65 in apple store and cant afford it, so i saw on on ebay for like £16 but anyone know if it will work or will it ruin it? my laptop is a1260 by the way
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    Yes, a link would be OK to post.

    As I said before I bought quite a few cheap ones, last time was a few months ago for my old Powerbook, can't find them here in Indonesia and sending it by mail is unreliable so got a cheap one, cut the cord on the old one and attached it to the cheap $8 Power Brick.

    But, I would not do this on a MBP of lets say 1-3 years old.


    It says this
    Compatible with adapter model number:

    A1172, A1184, MA537LL/A, 661-4269, 661-4485, 661-4259, 661-4339, MA357LL/A, MA938LL/A, 661-3994, ADP-90UB

    Now, I do not see the A1260 nor the MB133LL/A (2.4 GHz), MB134LL/A (2.5 GHz) here, you have to look on the old charger
    to see if the other part numbers match, I can not tell you this.

    I also thought Macs always has a 24 Volts input, this one is 18.5 Volts, I can be wrong here, I really can not tell.
    Therefore, check the number/part and Voltage first.
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    The thing is you cant really trust nonApple power bricks.
    Not that it wont work but it can result in a bad way.
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    Genuine Apple part, guaranteed functional, and they ship internationally. Not exactly cheap, but you could end up spending a lot more if the knock-off power supply is bad and/or causes other damage to your MacBook.


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